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WTFizzle 11-14-2011 15:17

Today, it's a day to celebrate the genius of Adam Dutkiewicz~ Best producer(and musician of course) ever!!

Of course~ Some old KSE material <3
Killswitch Engage- The Arms of Sorrow
Killswitch Engage- The End of Heartache As made famous by the movie Resident Evil(forgot which one, but I was so happy hearing it at the end. I flipped ****, so happy to have their music be recognized.)
Killswitch Engage- My Curse(So happy to be able to play it on Guitar Hero, forgot which one as well, but it almost made me rage when people all of a sudden claimed to love metal by just listening to that one song over and over again.)
Killswitch Engage-My Last Serenade(Super old, but brings me back to my middle school years, lulz)
Killswitch Engage-Starting OverI always giggle when Howard says "Yeah" at the beginning. Totally reminds me of Lil Jon.

Parkway ****ing Drive<3333 Thanks to Adam they were able to create songs that I fell in love with at first sight~ Still my top 1 favorite band! <333
Parkway Drive-Romance is Dead dun dun dun dun dundun dundun dun dun dun dundun So cry me a ****ing river, *****!! This is the first song I heard from them, it captivated me. At the time I never enjoyed songs that had no clean vocals, but something about these guys I loved. Then after, my love for them was unconditional. The first concert I ever went to was theirs~
Parkway Drive- Idols and Anchors
Parkway Drive- Carrion
kk I love every song so I might just list all. Anyways. Albums Killing With A Smile and Horizons all thanks to Adam D!

All That Remains- This CallingMy favorite song from them~ Best female bassist!
All That Remains-Regret NotGood stuff
All That Remains- Six

The Acacia Strain- Smoke Ya Later Good stuff.

And recent Adam D work, he partnered up with Jesse(former KSE vocalist, as seen on My Last Serenade video)
Times of Grace- Hope Remains


And sometimes... once my eardrums are nearly destroyed. I enjoy music from the amazing Lights~~~
Lights- Siberia Hottest WoW gamer.
Lights- Saviour My all time favorite song from her, also the song that got me hooked. Her album sounds soooo much different than her new one, but I love em both~

CornFlakes:o 11-15-2011 08:36

i just wanna ass **** him .__.

I Rule 11-16-2011 01:03

Eminem - Lighters

CornFlakes:o 11-20-2011 11:53

James Bond meets Alicia Keys :cool:

TheMonster21 11-20-2011 11:58

time flies - turn it up

WTFizzle 11-20-2011 15:03

Jamming to Frank Sinatra.
**** YOUR ****.

Heyga4Huk 11-21-2011 02:14

it's a very special song to me.

WTFizzle 11-21-2011 14:36

Times of Grace- Fall From Grace

IluminatI 11-21-2011 17:24

maverick sabre - i need

Major_Jack Hoff 11-22-2011 07:11

Fly from the inside - Shinedown
Wooden Jesus - Temple of the Dog
Welcome to the Machine - Pink Floyd
Stinkfist - Tool
Bring it on home - Led Zeppelin
A farewell to kings - Rush
Slaves and Bulldozers - Soundgarden
Stop - Joe Bonamassa
Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray
Woman with the tattooed hands - Atmosphere

MyThirdAccount 11-22-2011 07:12

Adema - Immortal

Only4Hahni 11-22-2011 11:39

Set fire to the rain - adele

WTFizzle 11-22-2011 13:25

Duffy- Fool For You
Amy Winehouse- Love is a Losing Game

CornFlakes:o 11-22-2011 15:35


Originally Posted by WTFizzle (Post 11631761)

oh weird i am listenin to love is a losing game while scrolling down

Only4Hahni 11-22-2011 22:41

Nemo - Nightwish

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