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Gr8M8 11-15-2008 15:28

Weapon skill lvl... HELP!!!
Ok, I have been working on this for almost a week to no avail. As a last resort I spent 1 1/2 hours with online help and they didn't know. I've asked many high lvl players and get all kinds of answers so here goes.

Ok there are many lvl's to an object. Specifically a bow. There is the item lvl which is 100. There is the bonus lvl which is +4 and there is the "Weapon Skill: BowLevel" that is 10.

Then there is character proficiency lvl. My char is lvl 12 at 11%.

My question is how do I make my bow wep skill lvl 12? I also have a skill lvl 10 vio bow that increases my proficiency faster. I've been told to use the bow in single shot on green labeled mobs. Ok... Does this work in training ground also? Posts have green labels. Is it just the bow your holding that gets increased? What if I'm using my vio bow and complete lvl 12? Can I never turn my other bow to lvl 12? What happened to lvl 11?

The Proficiency god gave me Elite Viagra and now the bow's durability never goes down. Not a bad thing but not what I was after. Is there anyone that knows all the answers to these questions? I hope so...


theRationalOne 11-15-2008 18:54

wtf? lol

LetoKynes 11-15-2008 19:29


OhDoubleYewEnTe 11-15-2008 19:32

Poor poor child, he's gone retarded from too much crap from TQ. Poor Soul. :(

--DREAM-- 11-15-2008 20:06


Originally Posted by OhDoubleYewEnTe (Post 9471734)
Poor poor child, he's gone retarded from too much crap from TQ. Poor Soul. :(


ilikestuff 11-16-2008 04:22

Use single shot in TG and aim at the lowest stake to improve weapon skill faster. Use additional violet gems in boots, armour etc if you have those items available. Using single shot outside TG will take ages. Scatter does not increase proficiency either. Bow proficiency takes a very long time, especially from level 16/17 upwards, so patience is the key. Good luck :)

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