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HailMary 05-11-2022 21:21

Public Apology

I have used the Characters Gowan, Shyla, SullyErna and Owara.

I'm deeply sorry for what I've said to Ashley21 and I hope I haven't caused any problems in your relationship.
I hope your husband forgives me too, and I wish you all the best.

If I've treated any other woman disrespectfully, I am sorry.

I wish to beg forgiveness also to all whom I have stolen anything or committed any injustice while trading.
I deliberately PK'd outside of PK zones and for that intention I've created a character, taking advantage of the weak and I regret that.

Often I treated Egyptians as enemies, which looking back was unfair, as they have respected me and I really liked to talk with one Egyptian who was Christian, not only did he helped me but it was really great to talk with him as he was very nice.

I was wondering what I could offer to Our Most Blessed Mother because soon, it's the 13 of May and we Celebrate the Anniversary of the Apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima, and I believe Our Lady really wanted me to beg forgiveness to all those whom I've caused hurt and pain.

Some advice to those who might be young and don't know this, I have lost more by trying to cheat others than I've gotten, cheaters never win.
Those who PK are easy targets to be PKed themselves, it's easier to be strong by having friends than by having enemies.

Thank you

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