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DarkWindE 09-26-2007 03:18


Hand 09-26-2007 12:51


svrngr53 09-26-2007 13:53


Hand 09-26-2007 15:09


DarkWindE 09-26-2007 16:44


Hand 09-26-2007 17:04


Prose 09-28-2007 17:48

127 ... :rolleyes:

DarkWindE 09-28-2007 19:09


Hand 09-29-2007 21:37


ChaosDealer73 09-30-2007 19:24

Gryphon's Counting Spam Thread! Read Rules before posting!
Gryphon's New Counting And Spam Thread!
Make sure you read the instructions before posting!

This thread is a combination of these past threads:
"Gryphon's Official Spam Thread":
"Gryphon's Official Counting Thread..":

In order to post the your desired spam in this thread, you must first continue the number from the post above yours. So let say the person before you posted this:


I went to the mall and ate cheese. INFECTION!
Then you would continue with the following:



I like to see how much of my body I can fit inside of my computer casing. Yay eletrical shock!
Note: You may also continue the post before yours with only a number. So say that the post above you had the number 45 and the person also put in some spam as well. You could reply with only "46" and not be penalized. However, including something other than just a number is strongly suggested as it makes it more interesting and not just another counting thread. But to post any spam you MUST type in the number. Any post that does not do this will be deleted. Excessive repeats of this will result in a warning. Also, do not post twice. Let someone else post before posting again.

This thread is for you to spam in, but all posts must abide by the other forum rules. So NO filter bypassing, personal attacks, excessive flame, etc.


ChaosDealer73 09-30-2007 19:24

I'll start this off:

I want to go to Japan. I'd be taller than all the other people.. that way I could laugh at them.. and maybe step on them... Hahahaha.

Hand 09-30-2007 21:10


Lol, who the hell closed the last one?

ChaosDealer73 09-30-2007 21:15


I did. I did it to save space because I got complaints. Go read the "Need your guys Input on this" thread.


Hand 09-30-2007 21:16


Bleah. Still...that's 1.4k posts behind now! Oh well, at least I got here first.

ChaosDealer73 09-30-2007 21:31


Atleast I didn't delete them.. then you'd lose the post count ^^.

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