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Qualiso 08-16-2006 19:11

The Funny YouTube thread
post funny youtubes...


notstrider 08-16-2006 19:15

not so much funny, but old school gamepro episodes from the 80s;

Bike Prank on Fox Five News in NYC(clip):

(can't find the full thing)

Feist 08-16-2006 19:33

Just For Laughs segment
great ending..

Mana-Sama 08-17-2006 04:15

Feist 08-17-2006 21:03

Mana-Sama you're evil -- after Bullet Ball i went on an American Inventor spree on YouTube...

and, some Stephen Colbert is always nice...

Mana-Sama 08-18-2006 20:21

since its caturday here~

notstrider 08-18-2006 20:24


Originally posted by Mana-Sama
since its caturday here~

my friend's cat can poop in a toilet..

Shindoku 08-18-2006 20:28

My cat's name is Gizmo.

Qualiso 08-22-2006 23:57

mwahaha pwned!

Shindoku 08-23-2006 00:27

These guys are morons.

Qualiso 08-26-2006 01:43

Whose line is it anyway.. prolly one of the funniest party quirks scene ever..

Feist 08-26-2006 13:22

Whose Line Is It Anyway - Richard Simmons

absolutely hysterical... ooooo its marvelousssst

notstrider 08-26-2006 13:55

those were both hilarious. i still think the original whose line is it anyways is better though.

-Kags- 08-27-2006 12:22

check these out

Mana-Sama 08-27-2006 16:29
inbred kitty D:

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