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Maten 10-07-2010 15:33

does pat play here?
Does PatBuchanan still play on this server?!

PatBuchanan 10-09-2010 22:59

Howdy Maten, long time no see. I haven't really played on this server in a year. I have stopped by time again to visit with people, but I'm pretty much done.

People are spending crazy amounts of cash on Snowfall. People are buying bulk after bulk after bulk. To be competitive you really have to put down a good deal of cash. And quite frankly, there are waaaaay better games that cost a loooooooooooooot less.

It seems to be a very common tale of really good games. They start off real good, then they make some adjustment to try to make more money and end up ruining the game.

Numba1Stunna 10-15-2010 17:56

roflmfao see pat your return is wanted wat did i tell you bout visitng get ur ass on and play

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