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Serin_blackmoon 01-22-2012 13:12

Log in and character creation issues
Having the same issues myself. It only lets me get as far as the blank character creation screen and that's if it lets me log in at all.

evesweater 01-25-2012 15:33

No Improvement
No changes as of today. Are any other Mac users able to run the game? I'm wondering if I need to try downloading again. I doubt that is the issue.

newCoplayer 01-27-2012 08:15

hi to all MAC CO player,

I used the method introduce by someone in the bbs, that to resolve the issue on MAC CO unable to create character. It is to create the character using pc client, then logout, and login using the mac client. It succeeded.

However, i found that the warehouse guardian ( twin city npc that allow to create password for the player using warehouse) is missing. And furthermore, it seems like a bit retarded when traveling.

Still exploring.


jave4990 02-03-2012 11:52

I don't know whether anyone has waited through the blank character creation screen but as i waited watching that bird flying around (about 10 minutes in) i get a pop up saying "ERROR: Disconnected with game server Please log in the game again." even though this isn't anything drastic, i wanted to point it out since i didn't see anyone else mention it.

|Aneurysm| 02-09-2012 18:15

Hey guys.

I don't know if it is just me or not but does anyone else have the glitch where not all characters (letters) are visible? (in character names / guild names etc.)

I know the characters are the unusual ones but I'm not sure whether it is just me or not.

I also noticed with the new patch when I use the bless skill i can't see it anymore... lol. It still works fine so its not a big deal.

centuricstorm 02-11-2012 08:26

Cant Create Character... STILL -_-"
Still can't create a character class... Kinda getting annoying...

Shouldn't be that hard to fix...?

Blegh... Wish I could create a monk!! -_-"

Too bad I can't... and have to wait for this character creation update now...

GRRR.. - Still love Conquer though, just wondering what I can do?!?

JimmyTheElitist 02-12-2012 16:01

o.O CO works just fine for me. The only problem I have encountered is a random 1 day ban for some of my characters and weird text in game comes as blank. The Auto Update wouldn't work for me, so I manually downloaded all of the CO patches in my CO folder (you get there by right clicking CO and clicking 'show package contents') then install the updates while they are in the Game Folder. Only thing I would really like to get fixed is the blank characters and the STUPID 1 DAY BANS for no reason.

newCoplayer 02-13-2012 02:03

This morning (my country timezone is 0500) i wanted to login to play the quiz, server time 2100, during the quiz, then suddenly system prompt me error and log me out. So I tried to loin again, system prompt me "Failed! Don't use bots and ban me for 1 day before i can login again", i didn't use bots nor other illegal software, furthermore, i am even a VIP player.

Is it a system bug, or server problem.

I am using CO Mac edition to play. My char till now is already level 111.

Please help GM.

cool24ag 02-14-2012 08:00

looks like this 1 day ban thing is getting everyone irritated. My account was DCed 3 times due to the LAGGNESS of the server and the flooded of player due to the Valentine Quest! and the 3rd time i relog in again, "Failed! Don't use bots' message appear and ban me for 1 day.. WTH is this... we are using CO mac edition and we are given this kind of 'PC' user treatment!

Dear GM, please kindy look into this problem!:mad:

Tamby_T 02-26-2012 06:49

Creating a Character Screen
Hi all,
I used to play CO years ago and dropped off the earth for a while. Now, I have downloaded the mac client. I have registered the account and logged onto a server. (See First Thumbnail)

I then get a blank screensaver that does not continue onto a character create page as described in the advice.

(1) I need to log onto a particular server as a mac user; or
(2) there is a bug in the client? or
(3) ???

Would appreciate the help in getting started here...

Justiin 02-28-2012 10:52

Unable to pick classes and name for a new account has been present since the release of Conquer Mac. The only way to create a new account is to do it on a PC. However I think this thread is bull****.. srry for my language but THEY never look at MAC problems anymore.. The amount of mac players are so small that they dont care.


Odd Snob 03-03-2012 00:16

JUST in, Justin u fools what u been upto i been bored as f*$@, hit me up if u still remember meh lol i added u on this **** u pig. Mssg me Timberfake.

FooJabi 03-12-2012 22:28

not sure if theyre were taken out or if only mac users have this issue.. but i cant enter the extra maps, i am only able to enter the main maps that include the cities, i have only tested 2 portals, the one in phoenix castle bottom right before the bridge, and ape city bottom left portal, when i try to go into it it just teleports me back to the map im already on,

Barbiah 03-27-2012 11:28

Here is what i found from using my MAC

1* Can't jump ,,, what i noticed is that the screen freezes and no one is around so its kinda like the place we want to jump to, didn't load yet, and when they appear you can jump again.

2* can't create a new character,, I waited for 3 hours and nothing happened, so I created one with my other laptop and re-logged from my MAC.

3* indeed there are some guilds with funny names like " lli ch p" which is originally "falling chapter"

4* i'm not sure, is it in my server or is it a glitch, you're standing at the TC gate and you find 100 players with same outfits and jumping everywhere and makes the server kinda congested.

5* the stupid "stop using bots" thing is killing me, i wasted a lot of days because of this message and the weird thing is, I Never use any kind of bots, if i were i would've been very rich and strong.

6* I've been killed a lot of times and lost a lot because of freezing and not being able to jump so please try to fix this,

Don't Just Ignore Us!

coldpie 04-01-2012 07:31

Hi everyone,

I'm a returning user from a longggg time ago (4-5 years)
I just downloaded client last night and left it on to patch this morning. it's been going on for over 2 hours and it seems to be downloading the same file. Is this right or is something going on with my patching?


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