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trigeki 09-25-2007 19:14

repped roid, enigma, royal, lil-player, lord, shindoku, boh & interpid

think thats all who repped me who wants imma go off to bed in a bit so tired

Alastriona 09-25-2007 19:30

Finished my pep back list (I think) and sent out some more. As always you know it was from me. :)

Flappy 09-25-2007 19:39


mercenary 09-25-2007 19:44


Originally Posted by mercenary (Post 6351000)
owe rep to:
trent28o(can't find post)



Keleso 09-25-2007 19:46


mercenary 09-25-2007 19:47


Originally Posted by Keleso (Post 6365253)

no revolutions here, just us chickens:confused:

Flappy 09-25-2007 19:47

Still the same, as I go to plvl. :eek:

Razzi 09-25-2007 19:53

pepped almost everyone i owed it to i still have one that was unknown cus u didnt leave a name and i gotta wait till i can get KanetheDevil back got a few more of you tho so ill try to stay on top of it

khmai 09-25-2007 20:14


Originally Posted by trigeki (Post 6362709)
ill give reps back to those that gave me later when i get home man my work isp is like slow as a rock:mad:

r u f`kin happy now bah:cool:

Jdeath 09-25-2007 20:24

I Repp Youu Trigeki... yaeh..

tigerslayer 09-25-2007 20:33

59 :(

*Starlet* 09-25-2007 20:50

I got 868 rep lol

§witch22 09-25-2007 20:52

Your just ahead of me, i'm on 823.

Trauma 09-25-2007 21:13

peeped back everyone I could... ¬_¬ "yo must spread more reputation before giving..."...

still oweing kel =(, Ill peep ya back asap:)

woot 405 now :D

@rcher 09-25-2007 21:31

yay my old forum account is unbanned now (i was using Namso while this was banned)

now i have an avatar again :D

after i post this ill rep everyone i can on this page

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