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Spaghetti-O 09-02-2007 20:51


Originally Posted by Attila_123 (Post 6201369)
Well there is another poster who has -100 or less rep and he can't pep people because of it.

oh, well im at 3 so i will try to give everyone who -reped me +rep

Neowarcloud 09-02-2007 21:08

267 pep atm...if ya pep me, I will pep ya back

kurogasa123 09-02-2007 21:15

So bored atm... Can't pep. Can't nep. I might as well watch tv...

*Starlet* 09-02-2007 22:01

Im watching tv and on comp becuase i am bored like a mofo

War! 09-02-2007 22:04


Originally Posted by Neowarcloud (Post 6201471)
267 pep atm...if ya pep me, I will pep ya back

Done, now pep me.

Hand 09-02-2007 22:05

Pep'ed all I could (Starlet I need more people before I can get you) and I believe only 5 went through before the 24 hours message came back. :mad:

*Starlet* 09-02-2007 22:06

Damn ok i can w8 lol

Hand 09-02-2007 22:07

No doubt, my 14 points are worth it xD Whereas your 3-4 points... :rolleyes:

*Starlet* 09-02-2007 22:10

:) what can i say i worked hard for those 4 points lol

*Starlet* 09-02-2007 22:15

800 posts lol :) i knew id get it tonight

Hand 09-02-2007 22:16

I'm shooting for 10400 before bed, but besides that, I'm having trouble finding the people I want to pep in this thread and others...

*Starlet* 09-02-2007 22:18

Im aiming for 1000 posts by the end of the month should be no problem i had 700 post 2 nights ago lol

~*IXLegacyXI*~ 09-02-2007 22:18

Yay, I have available Rep' again. :D

*Starlet* 09-02-2007 22:19

I r pro spammer lol and pro just reg talker lol i and plus when i hit 1k posts that will be another point added on to rep points lol

Hand 09-02-2007 22:19

End of the month goals? Well, it's Sept 1st today, so I bet I'd have about 12000 posts by October.\

Oh...on topic: I do have 327 atm.

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