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evo7starz 12-03-2009 10:51

Collars ideea add 3 kinds of collars, Red, Black and White ( 3 sides on the server );

2.the collars to be available at npc for free, but after you get it, if you want to change the side (red, black or white side ) you must pay 1 db;
when wearing the collar you are able to kill other side's players just for 3 pkps ( only the ones with weared collars )
ppl with same collar color wont be able to pk each other;

3.the pkps done when wearing the collar doesn't count when the collar is off ( you get back to the pkps you had before wearing it ) but when you wear it again you get back the pkps you was on when you got the collar weared

4.not being able to lose your gear when you are killed ( if wearing the collar )
if you get killed with the collar weared you will be revived somewhere on the map but not in city, unless you are red/black named, cause then you go to jail for 1 hour

5.the guards will atack you when you have the collar on, and send you to jail if you are red named or black named

6. the collar will be taken off in 30/60 sec after the request, but in this time you have to don't move ( to dont take it off in the middle of the battle )

anpaff 12-03-2009 13:45

1: read rules
2: no poll
3: point one and two are in other suggestion already
4: point 3 i really dont understand

~Zesty~ 12-03-2009 14:38

No,no & no.

Fight 12-03-2009 16:06

Cape system from silkroad?

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