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Laugher 05-28-2014 05:28

CPs not delivered

Over the last week I have been trying to resolve an issue wherein on last Wednesday morning I bought a 4.99 cp pack but was disconnected while making the transaction. The transaction went through and I paid $4.99 but never recieved my cps. Upon trying to purchase the same package again shortly after I was told by the game that I was not able to purchase another 4.99 pack because the first one had not virtually downloaded yet.

I contacted and was eventually asked for my account and password. Is this regular practice? My understanding according to at least the login on the PC version of the game was that the game masters would not need my password nor would they ever ask for it.

AxonP 06-01-2014 21:06

Same problem, But for me I purchased two difference item, One for 4.99$-320Cps and other one was 7.99$-530Cps and I got only 320cps in my acc. I send for help, but I still dont get my Cps yet. I wait one weeks.

AxonP 06-13-2014 21:31

Another problem after the problems had been fixed
Thxs to the server that gave 530cps back to me, and Now I got another problem: I can not purchased with package 7.99$. Fix it please, cos It will short my money if i purchased 4.99$ twice(Dont want to purchase 0.99$ either).
here is the picture

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