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Get0ffMyLawn 10-23-2007 18:49

some one fawking nepped me and i lost my fourth bar help me get it back pplz!:(:(:(:(:(:(:confused:

Sum0 10-23-2007 18:53


Originally Posted by Xerogravity (Post 6577711)
pep meh

o.o;; already did to otha pplz earlier :( they wont let me >_<

Valkyrie 10-23-2007 18:55


Originally Posted by Get0ffMyLawn (Post 6577741)
so far ive repped


and valkryie still owes me :mad::confused::(

im at my 24 hour limit guys :( sorry pep me and i'll pep you back as soon as i can

tomorrow i will

Recost2 10-23-2007 19:00

I repped some people, rep me back pls :D

SirGawain 10-23-2007 19:14

i spread alot out, not sure who all exactly. :X

Sum0 10-23-2007 19:16

Rep O_o !!!!!

Craneses 10-23-2007 19:28

can someone rep me, i need just 2 reps to be 700... ill rep em back as soon as i get repped... ne one?

tehOri 10-23-2007 19:31

whee rep me pl0x men

Fullmetal666 10-23-2007 19:33

1304.. Not too far from the last bar.. :)

Craneses 10-23-2007 19:33

ty 2nd shiny square, now for ur +rep. ah **** sorry 24/7 limit. lol jks...

tehOri 10-23-2007 19:37

i rep people and i saw all of em get another bar xD

Sum0 10-23-2007 19:39


Originally Posted by tehOri (Post 6578036)
i rep people and i saw all of em get another bar xD

ty o.o ... REP MORE D=

.†Brandøn†. 10-23-2007 19:43

I PEP U ALL MENS KAI? <3 playing br xDDD

blessguy 10-23-2007 19:52


King Jr something

i butchered ur names i apoligize =(

Xerogravity 10-23-2007 19:55

Theres been a change in plans.

PEP PL0x 80 pts =D

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