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Taavi 10-07-2007 14:39


Originally Posted by Måckk (Post 6446058)

Just used up all my rep points. I'll rep more in 24 hours. :(

gotta wait 24H til i can rep u bk :D

2014 rep or so.

Nem~UK 10-07-2007 14:42

still trying to rep everyone back reped all i can today :) 24 hr thing sux

Raust 10-07-2007 14:42

I repped as many people as I could.

I owe:
-Lord-Doom (gl)

Måckk 10-07-2007 14:45


Originally Posted by Taavi (Post 6446133)
gotta wait 24H til i can rep u bk :D

2014 rep or so.

Thanks ;D

LiL-Player 10-07-2007 15:02

wow! thanks lols i only needed bumping like 23 for the new bar u bumped me like 100 xD im at 1273 now :p Get me over to 1300? :D Please ^^

Ill try n get the guys back who pepd me :D THANKS YOU!

hehe wow new avi i just made...It's me Tattoo :) looks funny...i duno were it needs to be Edited =/

Feel free to Coment :p

Mamono 10-07-2007 15:11

Repped all I could for today. Hope to see some back. ;)

Nath92~v.2 10-07-2007 15:12

Whats the 24 hour thing ? can u only rep 1 time a day or something ?

LiL-Player 10-07-2007 15:12

i returned all of my pep's cept:

Boh: Sorry i have to spread more befor i can
Satine: Sorry to i gave out to much already

Ill get ya back first thing when i get it back in 24 hours :)

LiL-Player 10-07-2007 15:13

EDIT: Woop 1281 C'mon 13oo !! :D

@Mamono Thanks ill get ya back when i can ite?

@Nath No u can give out like 10 reps or something then u have to wait a bit for the next 10 :o

Orenda 10-07-2007 15:18

pep me and I pep you back :D Pep some people yesterday but forgot to leave a post down :O

scotty g 10-07-2007 15:37

675, next bar pla :D

itamouse 10-07-2007 15:43


Originally Posted by MeteorTear (Post 6436326)
Wohoo got itamouse after all :)
I had to rep some random ppl to be able to rep him again, so everyone say thanks :p I didn't sign those.
My job here is done, out of this thread (and pretty much out of this board :))
have fun guys :)

lol :p

Unclassified 10-07-2007 15:48

624 o.o

HellazN 10-07-2007 16:19



where the hell are sharinganeyez and shindoku >=o

kingjr1992 10-07-2007 16:23


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