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LiLAnGeL698607 11-06-2007 00:28

Nah But i think im gonna keep it until day do :)

Ibo 11-06-2007 00:28


Originally Posted by LiLAnGeL698607 (Post 6673542)
that Avy was cool :mad:

I knowz :(

KrAzY 11-06-2007 00:33

where is deathangel and rapture at ?? Anyone got a page number so i don't have to dig for em ?? lol

Raptura 11-06-2007 00:35

Right here, krazy.

KrAzY 11-06-2007 00:36


Originally Posted by Raptura (Post 6673622)
Right here, krazy.

heh thx for posting :) 39 oz Pepsi returned heh

blessguy 11-06-2007 00:38

if u give 39 i must give 40 rep

*eyes bug out o.o*

Spam 11-06-2007 00:39

250 now ^_^ and cant rep 4 24 hours so sorry peeps ill rep u when i can :/

blessguy 11-06-2007 00:40

where is death angle

and i think i just repped u ;>

LiLAnGeL698607 11-06-2007 00:40

i wonder how much i give

KrAzY 11-06-2007 00:42


Originally Posted by blessguy (Post 6673636)
if u give 39 i must give 40 rep

*eyes bug out o.o*

well you have more posts then me but i got more years reg'd then you

it goes +1 for years registered
+1 for every 1k posts

+1 for every 100 rep

this is how val showed me to calculate it.

blessguy 11-06-2007 00:42

not more than me i hope xD

omg ur avvy still going


its like da enigizer bunny

Spam 11-06-2007 00:44

wow i have 300 now O_O

Raptura 11-06-2007 00:46

I'm bored.
Can't rep anybody, noo.

KrAzY 11-06-2007 00:46

still can't find deathangel any post i find i have allready clicked before lol and it tells me i can't rep same post twice :mad:

LOL i'm too tired to go hunt for a recent post to rep him back right now

GarY 11-06-2007 00:55

1524! when's max? Lol.

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