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Beyrone 12-05-2014 04:13

I hope the server is doing better than the forum is.
**** it's dead here.

Out of curiousity if anyone reads this at all.. anyone knows if people like Mr.Zver, Flora (DarLing), Rhia, Yoga etc are still around?

say 12-24-2014 23:47

whats up term its been ages since i have spoke with you i doubt you remember me lol hows everything? and from what i heard zver quit like a year or 2 ago but i think flora still plays and i logged in for the first time in who knows how long like a month ago and saw rhia jumpin around so i chatted with her for a while and i think yoga is gone as well...i quit years ago just came back to see if anyone like you rhia lisa paul or any1 i used to talk to was still around...but i hope all is well with you in life bro :)

Staciedoll 02-28-2015 12:55

What are the servers like these days? Alot of people still playing on Bluebird/BnB?

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