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Rago 02-10-2013 22:16

What is everyone doing now? (Write your story game)
What games is everyone into?

Since I quit playing (BerzerkBeaver) I have explored some new games and old...nothing rivaled the friends or enemies that I had on this game! This game was ruthless I LOVED IT! The drama of Eth picking a new husband or what army -StaceY- would controll next. What Imperial spies did we have in the guild! Where the next ambush of WisHMasteR would be! How we would know, Who were our allies? Who was going to Dis City? Has anyone seen Zver plvling? Who was wearing the BEST gears for the time!?! We going Black today? How far are we from making the NEXT 12+? None of this stuff is matched in any other game that I have played still to this day! Sure its a lot of money in this game but still to this day the people who made this game are not the programs, it is hands down the people that played!

I tried a few other MMO's; WoW:MoP, Skyrim, Outwar, Starcraft, Diablo, League of Legends. Shooters: Socom 4, CoD(all), Medal of Honor, Battlefield 3

Its been almost 3 years since I hung up the "keys 1-0" a lot has changed in my life, I joined the U.S. Army less then 6 months after quitting. I was 220 pounds of gamer fluff before basic, and after 169 pounds. Finally started to live a healthier life and not wasting my day online. Found out 3 days before I graduated that I would be stationed in Bamberg, Germany only a hour outside of Munchin! Where the world's largest beer fest is held. Traveled Europe 2 years going to real Football "soccar" games, castles, churches, festivals, meeting the nicest people that you could imagine. Found out that I have living relatives in France, Germany, and Neatherlands! While I was in a field rotation my wife sent me a picture mail to my cell phone of a positive pregnant test and 8 months later my son Aiden was born. Four months after that I left for Afghanistan where I was stationed in Ghazni Province on FoB Ghazni which is Polish operated. I watched one of my good friends almost get blown up by a PMN mine that was command pulled and had another friend get shot in the gut by Taliban, both of my friends lived but scared the **** out of all of us! Right now I'm sitting in Kyrgyzstan waiting for a flight back to see my family for the first time in 7 months and just wanted to stop in and say hello to my old friends and family from this game.

Love and miss you all
Randy ;)

If you guys want to contact me feel free! Facebook is the most likely as I'm starting school this summer.

Playstation Network: RagoSnipes
Yahoo IM: ragjr2003
Windows Live: DrunkeN#1684 (Real ID)
League of Legends: MaDMaN86
Outwar: DrunkeNMaDMaN
Xbox Live: Soon to come!

Mikky 02-11-2013 07:54

what a nice story ;x

say 02-12-2013 20:51

No ones comes to this **** anymore, lol dont expect too many shud b surprised you even got this one.

ilsu333 04-02-2013 11:22

It's so sad...I remember that few years ago there were a lot of ppl spamming the chitchat server groups...Now most of the topics are dead,even the community forum is slowly dying :(

┼r▀ićeṜ 04-14-2013 13:53

still stuck in this ****ty town of 540

Staciedoll 01-08-2014 04:23


Originally Posted by Rago (Post 11778020)
what army -StaceY- would controll next.


I do miss this game, but am a Wow player now.. Casual though.
The community on there isn't like it was on here though :)

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