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SomeGuyNamedMat 02-27-2007 18:05

hackin' vids
figured we amalgamate all the vids we have taken. And, hey, maybe our accusers will post ones of us hacking instead of just making baseless claims.

SomeGuyNamedMat 02-27-2007 18:08
these are of taky2005 who is currently a DL in Hit&run
ZiaN of LCN, he's a DL
this is of 2pax

HEARTLESSMOTHER 02-27-2007 18:18

more vids of poor players
2 pax:



SomeGuyNamedMat 02-28-2007 07:47


Originally posted by Indyford
this is tamer jumping the gate, I believe he is in Hit&run

Krygermancer 03-01-2007 04:22

cancer server is way worse be glad :(

Eametsa 03-01-2007 05:41


Originally posted by Krygermancer
cancer server is way worse be glad :(
maybe, but think, somewhere is more worse :p

SomeGuyNamedMat 03-03-2007 22:25

here's another of 2pax from this weeks GW. I was thinking, they accuse us of hacking all the time but if its this easy for me to get one of them, shouldn't they have some of us by now if we did hack?

HEARTLESSMOTHER 03-04-2007 03:00




(e) Cheating Programs. To ensure fair play, The Company does not allow the use of any cheating programs such as macros, bots, or mouse emulators etc., to play Conquer. If you use these cheating programs, you may suffer severe consequences including, but not limited, to the followings: (i) The Company may suspend your Account for a indefinite period time; (ii) The Company may terminate your Account; and (iii) The Company reserves the right to seek further legal remedies against you.

Secret Weapon 03-04-2007 04:53

Yes, but don't forget these parts. Which many of the core BA do.


Trading of Game Items or in game money between Players on the same server is permitted. All other trading or transfers, including without limitations, trading of Account ID, Account Names, and all out-of-game transfers, are strictly prohibited.

The Company is not responsible for any losses occurred related to any permitted or prohibited trading activities. ANY AND ALL PROHIBITED CONDUCTS MAY RESULT IN IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF THE ACCOUNTS INVOLVED IN SUCH TRADING.

HEARTLESSMOTHER 03-04-2007 14:21

but this is a hackin vids thread masa. not trading, but in the agreement i believe there trying to limit stolen acounts due to information given then hacked accounts resulting.

orco 03-05-2007 03:32


Off screen hit:

SomeGuyNamedMat 04-25-2007 13:37


Originally posted by SomeGuyNamedMat

Another nail in the Hit&run coffin, this ones of xxsathuxx hitting me while I'm in midair. I smell an aimbotter....


Originally posted by SomeGuyNamedMat

Heres another of satthu, tele's onto my screen at about 20 secs

Heres Mr.Tuan level botting at bulls yesterday, watch his ghost teleport from bull to bull.

SomeGuyNamedMat 04-25-2007 17:08

This goes to show that BA does care if its members cheat. Not only we kick <-April-< for speedhacking, once I saw her in ga moving funny I spent my time getting a vid of her myself. No had to tell me she was hacking. If i see someone cheating I don't care what guild they are in.

scar98 04-26-2007 08:49

As the list of hackers grows, Hit&Run rises to show themselves as being the true kings of the Trash heap.

SomeGuyNamedMat 04-27-2007 08:21

WAFFYK2010 level botting at red devils
manth1 hitting me in mid air

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