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LordOfDreams 08-03-2005 04:23

i dun think so? xD

lovely-laws 08-03-2005 13:01

HONOR SERVERZ MISS ALL U PPLZ!<3 and o yarsh spammy!!! i luff it if u luff spam whisper meee xD

Kiza 08-03-2005 15:14


AznArcher 08-04-2005 13:04


Originally posted by Kiza

Chestergod 08-04-2005 13:10

KOS!!! dropped my Super2soc blade.

AznArcher 08-04-2005 13:25


Kiza 08-05-2005 08:44

Super 2 soc Blades are cool :D

-XDeadCrisisX- 08-05-2005 10:34

Super +9 SpamStick with 2 super kylins

-XDeadCrisisX- 08-05-2005 15:03


Drunken69er 08-05-2005 15:31


-XDeadCrisisX- 08-05-2005 15:45

DRUNKKKKk and PREGNANT :D Going to a Halo 2 Xbox lan party :p

PsychoticAmber 08-06-2005 04:30

HARHAR people here dont even know wtf a lan party ish :D cuz theyre returds and and not alot of the A+ certified people here are smart! LIEK OMG NOEZ and not alot of people here know much about computers so THEY CANT EVEN HAX THROUGH A DOOR! o.O and i outsmart them and they tell me to shut up because i know too much about my system and and ive never been to a lan party but i know what they are :D but i still outsmart people here on certain things :D

Reva 08-06-2005 04:54

super +9 left pocket 2 soc super baloney in my left socket yo

PsychoticAmber 08-06-2005 05:01

i dont like baloney o.O so no worrys of me stealing it xD

Kiza 08-06-2005 08:04


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