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Kingofbears 09-27-2008 17:59

Windows Movie Maker Guide (Reducing file size)
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As there's a rise in hackers recently, i could see effort made to arrest these hackers. Therefore, together, i would like to contribute my effort to maintain a hack free society. For those that had frapped videos of people using hacks or illegal means to give them advantage over others in CO, might have wondered how to reduce the size of the video captured by fraps, hypercam, gamecam, etc. Below is a short guide to help you fellows out.

First thing first, some of your windows movie maker might look different from the screenshots i have placed up so, dont Panic!. Reason being, im running windows vista and its windows movie maker is of the latest version.
If you are running the following OS, Windows XP SP2 and above, Windows Vista, you should have the same windows movie maker. I would assume nobody uses Windows XP and below OS or another OS platform cause you wont find windows movie maker on another different OS platform.

If you think you have a older version of the windows movie maker, dont panic, cause you should still find the publish option which will allow you to compress the video.

Screenshot 1: Import your media from your computer HDD using the highlighted in red (Import Media) button

Screenshot 2: Having dragged your finished media into your storyboard, its time to compress the finished video, Select from the taskbar as follows: View -> Tasks

Screenshot 3: Having selected Tasks, the side column will appear with the following options, to save this finished video onto your computer, select the highlighted in red (This computer).

If theres any other queries regarding the use of windows movie maker, feel free to drop them right here. :cool:

Edit: If the screenshot is too small, hover your mouse over the screenshot, it should gives you a zoom in option.

Kingofbears 09-27-2008 20:36


Originally Posted by DarkRage (Post 9199530)
It'd be good to see other guides about using various recording programs to catch cheaters.


Thanks for Sticking up this thread. :cool:

Kingofbears 09-27-2008 21:09

To solve the memory leak/out of memory problem
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Memory leak/Out of memory:

If your imported media happens to be too huge of a size, you would not be able to drag and drop it directly into the storyboard as you would hit an error message.

To easily solve this problem, here goes:

Screenshot 1: To spilt up a clip, you should select your imported clip and click onto the Play button, once it reaches the point which you would want to split it, either pause it or directly click onto the split button as shown with the red arrow

Screenshot 2: Having split the clip into 2, the clip will automatically be renamed with an increased index number

Screenshot 3: Now, you have 2 clips which you can decide how you want to place them into the storyboard to create your own video

Additional: By splitting up the clips, if could be helpful for people creating hack videos as you could directly show the parts where you caught them using cheats and at the same time, you could reduce the file size by avoiding clips that show redundant information.

Edit: DarkRage, is it possible for you to shift this post just below the 1st post that I have created?

DarkRage 09-29-2008 08:43

I've deleted all other posts so as to keep this thread purely about recording software guides.

Please note that any other off-topic posts will be removed.

To thank the thread creator kindly remember to +rep him.

Aeristifa 10-22-2008 11:57

Ok I understand for the most part. For some reason I can't convert the mswmm to avi from movie maker. I have the program to do it but it seems like it will not let me. Please help ><.

Kingofbears 10-26-2008 13:38


Originally Posted by Aeristifa (Post 9340039)
Ok I understand for the most part. For some reason I can't convert the mswmm to avi from movie maker. I have the program to do it but it seems like it will not let me. Please help ><.

Sorry for taking quite a while to reply, been kind of busy visit the forums lately

Anyways, regarding your problem, as far as I know, windows movie maker does not support the function to convert video formats from one format to another. It just publishes the format that be able to be played on any windows media player.

A solution would be to source for a 3rd party software that does the format converting. As you have stated that the program you are currently using does not seem to work. It could be simply cause it does not support that particular format your trying to convert from and into

Luna1012 07-21-2009 02:27

+ =]

chrish4161 04-24-2010 04:29

Microsoft made movie maker software for making a movie by connecting small clips to whole one movie and you can use JPEG to make a musical movie but there is no converter like stuff in movie maker so if you want two convert something, you have to use another converter software.

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