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Thechosenone 01-31-2010 09:06

^--- WIN omg all those had happened to me at one time or another. Haha that was the ****.

Omgurdead 02-01-2010 01:53

I remember when you could pk in twin city, pk massacres there and like when i was red named, all these random noobs came jumping on me and like lost a few nooby gears which i pked with and finally made safely to the market

No egys in the good old days.

I remember winning pk tourny just by being afk in the hiding spot hehe :D

Jail pk was so awesome.

Oh those good old times were so great that I wish TQ made a server tats completely Conquer 1.0 with no *** ninjas and steeds and lottery and all that crap, but a server with everything 1.0 had in it.

~T0M~v6 02-10-2010 20:44

I remember back when metspamming was profitable.......*sigh*

Sabishi 02-13-2010 14:56

I remember when people actually cared. Nobody cares anymore. Its all about killing people. I stayed at level 40 for like a year, cause i didnt train, i just sat in AC and talked to people.

Thechosenone 02-13-2010 15:28


Originally Posted by Sabishi (Post 10987249)
I remember when people actually cared. Nobody cares anymore. Its all about killing people. I stayed at level 40 for like a year, cause i didnt train, i just sat in AC and talked to people.

Haha I did this on my water for like a year I was 101.

Janix 02-15-2010 10:47

3 Attachment(s)
I remember whennn...:eek:

I raced PetPet to be the first ever reborn archer-archer, and he beat me by minutes :(.. Then we raced back to 120 and i winned :cool:

I remember when i originated water-farming.. 40 dbs per water, yes please..:p

I remember making one of the first 2 socket rings ever and being spammed with jealousness:cool:

Fighting mechs, allways fun! SEE SS's**!>

Making the first ever +7/8 item.

Being the first troj to get full 2 socket ever!:eek:

Being the strongest troj and actually feared by everyone! "OMG Shaorans coming!!":cool:

First reborn 130 character, first second reborn, and first second reborn 130:p

Lots of fond memories and many more '1st EVAHs*' when they actually mattered and required 'work' to achieve =/..


Beelzebub 02-15-2010 23:15

Having fun and being able to hunt without getting killed over and over

CuteAznKitty 02-16-2010 20:19

1.Everyone spoke English
2.Friends who wanted to have some fun would go to the pk arena and pk each other for fun and goofed off
3.There was always some group of friends in every town there was in conquer just sitting there. Talking and chilling.
4.There weren't TQ cards back then so everyone was leveling up the hard and fair way. Either that or they we're plvled
5.Guild members that were online were ALWAYS talking to each other.
6.Back then Guild members were practically your second family in CO
7.You wouldn't get PKed constantly and called a "noop"
8.When mets seemed like they cost millions and DBs were thought to be impossible to get
9.There weren't any clans, horses, quiz show, mentor system, and all that lame crap
10.There was no such thing as battle power
11.There weren't any mean Egyptians, there were intelligent and nice ones that didn't spam you or PK you every chance they get to.
12.When you could actually meet new people and become friends
13.When your friends would have your back when you went AFK and protect you from random PKers
14.When lvl 130 characters (not reborn) were like gods and feared.
15.In guilds there was only 1 GuildMaker, a couple of Guild Deputies and the rest were guild members.
16.If you were low level and was in a guild, the GuildMaker and the Guild Deputies would try their best to level you to the highest they can so we could win in Guild wars
17.When your CO screen wasn't full of over rated graphics

What the heck is TQ even doing nowadays?!

I miss the good old days of CO and it's all ruined now....
The Chinese had the Chinese CO, the Japanese had Japanese CO, The Egyptians/Arabians had Arab CO and The US had English CO.

Back in the good old days of CO I had fun. Then I decided that I wanted to take a long break from the computers so I stopped playing for like a year. Then I completely forgot about it. But then last week I was bored and remembered that there was conquer and all my friends to keep me company and have fun on the computer. When I finally got done downloading it I was so excited. I logged on and there was an Error message saying that the server was busy. I had to keep logging in for about 50 times to be able to get in. It logged on and I roamed around and was so disappointed that CO was ruined and taken over by horribly mannered Egyptians that were jerks. There were only a few Egyptians that were nice... :(

Leaving the good old CO and coming back to this makes me really mad...:mad:

xuejackie2 02-17-2010 11:36

when every ape spawn have lv 87 archers their that was nice plvling all those low lvl noobs sigh the old days.... will they ever be back..

and also when u cud go to mine and pk miners for their gems :D

lindofirst 02-23-2010 09:58

ahhhh memories

~OPTIMUS_PRIME~ 02-23-2010 12:20

I miss spending 90% of my time in Ape City, along with my 3 real life friends and about 5-6 other guildies who were close all sitting in ape city talking. That's where all the pking happened too

Now more crap happens in bi and that's not even much. Every town except tc is a ghost town

Nintroa 02-24-2010 01:16

The good old days in CO...
I remember when i was afraid of walking through ape city with any good item in my inventory because of those huge "pk wars" going on there, or if there wasnt any "pk war" going on you could just sit there and talk to ppl.
You could sell mets for 600k each:D.
There were no ninjas ****ing around.
There were no egys who didnt even know how to say hello...
DBs where considered like imposible to get... (but you could see the message "a DB was drop from the monster killed by someguy" like two times a day).
Elites where really and i mean REALLY expensive, and supers where like... like... um... too ****ing expensive!!!!!!!!!!!
When archers where introduced it was considered the best class (because of scatter).
Everyone helped each other.
The guild leader was always there to help you. And if he wasnt connected you could ask the deputies for help. ohhh... and the guilds were always full of ppl and fun... not like now:(
And now you cant even hunt without getting pked over and over and over and over.
Well i could go on and on but i just wanna say this CO 2.0 sucks.

Eurochic 02-24-2010 04:19

When a trojan got to 120 and everyone congratulated you.
When fellow allies and guildies protected you on the platform when reborning so that you didn't loose the super gem.
When I completed the second reborn quest on my tro and had to have reborn water tank Satan as his magic attack was high. Now you can just buy your way up in the game.

samueleric 03-15-2010 23:19

I think the only things I really collected were Pokémon cards and Pokémon stickerbooks. The shiny ones were always worth the most. Everyone I knew was a Pokétard; we even used to get questioned about people nicking them from others' trays in Infant school..

*~panda~* 03-22-2010 11:04

so much truth in this thread D;

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