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jesusblessed 08-29-2017 20:45

Archers Bow
I think its about time the archers bow was brought back up to its original stats.Rumor is the archer is getting an epic crossbow this is great if the bow is the item that becomes the epic crossbow. and can actually be used in pvp with good damage to make the archer a better character to use.

The way you brought in the assassin was all wrong ,the look of the assassin and the whole concept of the assassin should have been given to the ninja.
its not an archer that's got the high score in the ranking its the assassin,and this makes it all wrong.

when you use a bow +12, 2 soc super lvl 131 with 2 super dragon gems ,and a level 130 soul, and compare it with the throwing knife elite no soc level 15 ,its a joke.1200 damage with the knife and 600 damage with the bow on the same target.with the same character.
knowing full well that the bow cost a lot of real money to make and for it to get a stat reduction way back many years ago and never had the stats put right since.
this was the reason a lot of people left the game because tq never balanced the game .

the archer bow was a hard hitter and people cry about it .but the fact the archer has weak ass Armour made it balanced.It was supposed to hit hard that's the point of it.

so its about time things was put right don't you think.:):):):):)

may be then you might boost your earnings and make it worth spending money on the game ,untill then no hope and i won't be spending any here.

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