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  1. Doc.ackerson
    10-19-2010 09:46
    I am playing a different game now. It is based in a J R R Tolkein set of books. I tried a couple ps of Conquer , nice enough but not of interest for me .

    I log in a character or two into Conquer now; one stigmas an old friend, the other just says hello if anyone I knew in 2005-6 is there. This second one from 2005 has gone from 110-125 with a very little tg most years and with 110 gear from 2006. Quiz and some tg for 3-4 years will get you somewhere !!

    I played Lucky7 until late July, a little in August maybe. An ok time as were all the servers. Light and Water for 6 months, Dark for a few weeks, all 3 classic for about a month or 2 each (Prosperity a lil longer). Glory for a few weeks when I first started, followed by 15 months of Faith and 2 years of Hebby.

    Great times, Great people.
  2. Doc.ackerson
    10-13-2010 08:29
    my post in Filer's leaving thread:

    I played the last 6 months of 2008 on Light server. I maybe played even more on other servers that you did.

    I am happy some when people leave in ok spirits. We spend real time together, and that ends. It is sad tho also.

    I remember a filer ( Hebby server I think ) that lost a brother. If that was you, my condolences again. I treat people here a little better than I used to because of him and similar things that happened here. Thank you for sharing.

    People leave and I always like to think they move to better things. Maybe never a better game. But the game, the same people, that time of our shared experience will never occur again. But for most of us it had some good times. Good times.

    I hope you have good times in the future, with or without web games.
  3. Doc.ackerson
    10-10-2010 09:47
    I posted the next entry because I think TQ only got a few players to return over the past year. I saw a few on the 'classic" servers..I played all 3 a month or more. I only saw a few old timers, most left quickly.

    These latest summer and fall events by TQ may have had some success with those still playing, maybe even getting some new players. But the veterans who left over the years have stayed absent, like the player says in this next post.
  4. Doc.ackerson
    10-10-2010 09:38
    Sudimi, a 2005 veteran of forum :

    Sudimi, DREAMS-FREEDOM(start of FREEDOM) Was gonna sign, but since i get 10 mins of play, whats the point??? Good job TQ, YOU got ALMOST ALL of us to stay gone......... Congrats on the GREAT job!
  5. Weatherwax
    10-06-2010 02:07
    Doc <-- the most caring person I know on the forums, who always does what he can to help but gets a load of abuse in return.

    Nil illegitimi carborundum, my friend. :)
  6. Doc.ackerson
    10-02-2010 11:25
    my post in "OLD CHARS LIST, no nominating yourself" at Glory chit chat: :

    I only played Glory a few weeks in early 2005. But a year ago I saw a thread here in the Glory forum. It was about a player. Fixall (fixall).

    Fixall had left the server. He had left Conquer sometime earlier. His wife posted the thread. He had cancer. He had enjoyed playing Glory. He no longer was with us.

    It was apparent he had had a great sense of humor also..... another of his characters was Breaksall (breaksall)!

    I think he had played game some with some of his children, perhaps in his lap. In case any of his children or wife come here and look, I thought he should be mentioned.

    I wish I had known him.
  7. Doc.ackerson
    10-01-2010 08:40
    edit: I had posted this but I decided to delete it there. It is true, I just felt I did not want it posted there at this time. Link will br invalid now.

    my post: [url][/url]

    He, ( insert many names here), was nice enough for a child I guess, as an adult he would have been a jerk. Just a not-so-nice kid at times. : ) But we adults watch kids grow up and we understand that not nice is somewhat normal for many kids. That does not excuse it. Just is normal.. I think Oggler really understood this.
  8. Doc.ackerson
    09-29-2010 09:54
    my post in:[url][/url]

    Would I play TQ sponsered server? A true 1.0 ? Probably some. Maybe a lot.

    I have played a 1.0 type server this year. It is just not the same and I may not play it much, if at all.

    Too many dcs, not many players

    But it has a the old Tiger cave on pc map. Levelling is way too fast -- so no one uses this tombat/bandits/hawkings cave much.

    It had almost nothing from 2.0 except maybe the -1,-3,-5 weapons and wuxing oven. The spawns are not the same, really only similar to what was here pre-2006. Drops are not right, not wrong, just not right.

    I don't think I can play there on a ps, but I maybe could play a true 1.0 server from TQ. Maybe.
  9. Doc.ackerson
    09-25-2010 23:24
    aint it funny.....


    i really like the version here [url][/url]
  10. Doc.ackerson
    09-25-2010 20:15
    Tina Turner, 71 now ( born November 26, 1939),

    but then....she had great energy even into the 1990s. Look at her entire 1988 Rio show if you get a chance.


    and earlier



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