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    Dragon, Lion, Crystal, Turquoise, Emerald, Honor, Meteor, Snowfall, Mercury (all retired)
    -MSTK aka FXFireBlaze aka Pyrrha (top trojan) proud wife of Deucalion(top fire; aka CowboyBebop)
    Squashing abusive mods since 1999. Don't expect to censor me and get away with it.

    "down to ride to the bloody end"
    Much love to my darling husband, I am truly grateful to have you by my side.
    Yo ho! Yo ho! A pirate's life for me!
    Got problems? BLAME |PANDA|PWNAGE| (top guild)

    "sometimes people ask me u know like whats your religion and stuff, and im like u know its like RTS, and they're like whats that? and im like u know its kinda like buddhism. u know some religions they're all like get in there and like kill people right, they're kinda like first person shooters right, they're just like about getting in there and killing people and stuff. and then theres some religions that are just like u know give us all your money and your time and stuff right so they're kinda like MMORPG's u know...not much there just like lotsa money. and u know i just think buddhism its kinda like sit back and think a lot right, so i'd say im a buddhist. yeah im a buddhist."



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