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    I want to turn the world upside down with my brilliant ideas, but I don't really have any original ones.
    Courtesy, my ass. This is California.
    Picking out the marshmallows in Lucky Charms. Telling jokes that are perverted because they make uptight people feel awkward.
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    "Nerds are hot." Great. Is there any other blatant lie you'd like to spit out at us? Nerds aren't hot. They'll help you on your next math exam, become a great punching bag throughout gradeschool, and probably be your boss one day, but that's about it. Fast-forward to the internet revolution, and you have a whole new breed of nerd: The l337 g33k, the worst rank of nerd. A nerd that thinks they're cool because they're 1337. However, most g33ks seem not to be aware that ones level of 1337|\|355 is inversely proportional to ones chances of getting a girlfriend.


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