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    Originally posted by Guest0495
    Oh, im not against people who belive in religion, i just think every last one of you are stupid as **** and should burn in your own enternal hell.
    thats how all you anti-***-marrage people sound.
    Im not ***, but i have absolultely nothing against anyone who is, is it really that big a deal to allow *** marrage?
    I happen to belive in freedom, and anyone can belive in anything they want, and do anything they want, its up to them, and that includes who they choose to love.
    why should they not be able to marry the same gender in a game ?
    Oh, by the way, for all you christians, not bashing, but who do you think wrote the bible? god ? Profits?
    a bunch of old guys with beards decided to write the storys, and you all think its true, I say the guys who wrote the bible owned the **** out of you all, and I'm happy to sit back and laugh.
    anyone who took this post seriously, even for a second is an total fool.
    this person rox


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