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    yes.. i am REALLY a girl >.<
    california (bay area)
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    ...with 'uber stuff' for YO_NO_SOY(thx for always staying til the end! u r not only the best hubby on server but also one of the sweetest ppl i have met at CO-) <3 <3 Lemnat so glad u are back!! <3, Seyella <3 and Timoko <3 (my wives 0o),Argaron ( who is always there for me when i need him most- thanks arg!!) <3, Tezcatlipoca <3(rawr!),Jaina <3, Cax <3, ******* <3, t^^t <3, KELVIN <3, NicktheGreek <3, Shaku <3 and Erichausertao (u can get all the <3 u want from shaku!), Iinferno <3 , senshi <3 (my PM pal), Arronax (because i am scared of rusty scissors!)<3,Intelacer (who forced his way into my sig) <3CUTHBERT(who never hesitates to thwap ppl for picking on me =P)<3,XlegacyX just for being you<3, Lisaghost and meanwitch (girls just wanna have fun!) <3, Omi ( woof!)<3, Jacobxx (since him and omi apparently only come as a unit - no longer sold seperately! hehe.. and bc ur one of my fave mods) <3, Superiorfor leveling w/ me...on our enemies <3, Energy my hero! <3, Celbarian,so glad u joined xxx- been a pleasure to have u around! <3, Dzemui , my favorite enemy <3,all the members of XXX <3 , all the noobs who spam me for plevel incessantly (thanks for giving me someone to kill when i cant find any enemies!) <3, all my enemies (thanks for breaking up the tedium of hop, scatter, hop, scatter, hop, scatter) <3.

    Sapphire Server Characters:
    xxxianna ~ level 121 archer-->archer ~ GL of LostCause
    Babyxxx ~ level 60+ watertao-->trojan~ GL of XXX
    xxxander ~ level 91+ watertao ~

    Originally posted by Ahare
    5. Add a few more lines about anna kicking your dog and putting sugar in your gas tank. Make it seem like she really harmed you.

    Overall, I give you a D+. Good first effort, try harder next time.
    (o.O )
    (> < )
    (on the way to world domination one siggy at a time!)


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