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  1. Doc.ackerson
    05-19-2010 23:47
    a belated happy birthday to you., if you ever log on.

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    I let you know, how I do it round here
    And I'm out eight in a morn', dawg glock two around here
    What chu move around here, and you know I keep my tool around here
    My n****z act a fool around here, yeah
    My hood, my set, my strip, my p's, whatever
    We down, we real, we bang forever
    Put in game down here, make change down here
    Cause I serve them fiends, that raw 'caine down here, yeah
    And I done made my way, round here

    I refuse to lose, I rather give these weak dudes the blues
    And separate them from they jewels, teach 'em don'ts and do's
    I raise tools, make crews make decisions confused
    All spectators can say is, "This lil' n***a's a fool"
    A short fuse with some loose screws, some unscrewed
    Better prove, you n***az pu$$y as the Moulan Rouge
    So who guardin' who, you know who to you know what
    To you know where, goin' 'gainst 'em's too unfair
    'Cause everywhere you do a show he got kinfolk there
    Now you know I ain't no ?, I got ten folk there
    They ain't powerful as the one at the end of your prayer
    Got you runnin' for your life without a minute to spare
    Catch you dead to the granite, melt the grease in your hair
    When I go, them boys is gonna be indecent affair
    Guarantee you nah a real n***a breathin' accounted
    At your funeral, just your parents and the preacher was there
    Hollow, television name-dropper reachin' for help
    So I ain't gotta say a word, pimp you beatin' ya'self
    You gon' get what you deserve for disrespectin' the game
    Any n***a with the nerve to say another man name
    When that other man ain't even present
    And deny it when somebody ask him about it
    That n***a's a lame, you like to lie on the mic
    Hide behind fame, I was a G when I came
    That's the way I remain
    'Cause ah, lately y'all don't make me happy
    To calm my nerve I need the herb GNC don't carry


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