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  1. T-Honey[HONOR]
    10-24-2011 22:31
    i think you need to change your settings on the forum it wont let me pm you
  2. rest
    10-24-2011 22:27
    All right. Pm me your info then. I imagine there is nothing there though. And baiting people is pointless now since gear doesn't drop.
  3. T-Honey[HONOR]
    10-24-2011 22:24
    Wow, cant believe you would 2nd rb into a monk, i thought you would just keep it as a pure troj. but my client is taking forever to download so i just stopped. if you are curious you want to log on and check for me lol? it can be another char just to **** around with like your noob you had in AC just baiting for people to kill it.
  4. T-Honey[HONOR]
    10-24-2011 21:32
    Yeah, but Ive been hearing that FB/SS are now useless, whats going on? lol ive been hearing people only herc now? that **** was so useless lol. and its going to take my client a little bit longer to download. Actually i probably wont even bother now. lol it was good catching up with ya bro.
  5. T-Honey[HONOR]
    10-24-2011 17:39
    I just want to play for PVP, but if my gears are gone I guess there will be know point of that now is there? lol. and Im still playing consoles game. November 8th ill be getting Modern Warfare 3
  6. T-Honey[HONOR]
    10-24-2011 13:15
    Khmer! thats who it was.. I technically didnt give it to him fully, i told him we can share the account back in 08. but then i logged back in a year later and notice all my socket items were gone and i was like **** it and some guy started to whisper me and then for some reason i gave him my account. but last night i managed to remember my registered email and recovered my password.
  7. T-Honey[HONOR]
    10-24-2011 11:04
    I havnt logged back on it yet, but i doubt my gears are still there or atleast recoverable. Its been a while thats for sure, lol. I was planning on comming back, but possibly on a Private Server just for PVP purpose, but there is no mac servers availble for private servers. but by the end of tonight i my client will be downloaded and we will see what i still have on T-Honey. ill hit you up, is it Centaur that we log on into?
  8. T-Honey[HONOR]
    10-24-2011 02:00
    Lol, Yeah, you do leave without telling, but i believe i did jet shortly after modern warfare 2, maybe before that cause it seems like i stopped posting on the forum around 08. but i came back shortly to see what was going on in Ape City then left again for good and gave my account away, but i just managed to recover it. Is your account still live?
  9. T-Honey[HONOR]
    10-23-2011 01:36
    I notice you are back, I remember couple years ago you left with out telling anybody.
  10. Katalla
    06-26-2011 01:50


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