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  1. Doc.ackerson
    05-12-2011 09:44

    best personal minebot fix

    I think I won't make any new characters. I did not make any for the latest server. I had played all the servers since 2008 except Fire ( 8 servers ? ).

    I think I will just finish my goal on Kanasai today with my character named in memory of my forum friend Oggler. After today I guess I will then just stig an old Hebby friend as I can.

    I might log in Faith now and then to see if any white names in friend's list

    Fixes all my personal game issues maybe. : )
  2. Doc.ackerson
    04-15-2011 17:43
    New players NOW start at the bottom and stay there unless they bot or bulk.
  3. Doc.ackerson
    04-08-2011 13:46
    Anyone who has been here a few years should not be surprised by anything TQ does .

    TQ has a 1000s of employees, many games, many games in development. TQ is just trying to extend the life of this game according to Lei Deijan, president. It is in a statement he made last year. Conquer is no longer the major focus of this company.

    This forum is probably just a small part of Hemp's job. He was maybe told to not spend a lot of time on this and to do his other work, but to just delete reference to this situation.

    It seems the guy is from a country where this type activity is not illegal. He probably could be easily stopped in many countries. But TQ could probably not do what it does if it were a USA company.

    TQ could maybe go ask the World Court or the European Union to try and do something. Unlikely.

    TQ can run this game any way they choose, and they have done so.

    You should not be surprised.

    edit: thanx Tenchuz and Luphrecio and a others for your support yesterday
  4. Doc.ackerson
    04-02-2011 08:46
    We do not know what the Corporate culture is at TQ. This admitting a botjail error may real be a stretch for them.

    Saving face in some cultures is the most important thing. It is honorable to NOT say the truth if it "saves face".

    This may be as close to open discussion as we get. It is how they understand "doing the right thing".
  5. Doc.ackerson
    03-24-2011 23:34
    Secret weapon/ skill ( counter kill ?) allows you to freely pk and get NO pk points


    Hemp thinks there is one, and for some reason chooses not to tell you.

    He deleted my thread about it.
  6. Doc.ackerson
    03-24-2011 22:40
    I heard some people chatting about it.

    A few hours later it happened to me.

    Guy killed me over 15 times and his pk points stayed at 9.

    I checked many times. If he used amulet it would remove 30, but he did not gain any.points even after killing me. I was in capture the entire time.

    Either way the Pk game is further ruined.

    edit: I hear there is a skill you get no pk when you kill.

    see this..counter kill

  7. Doc.ackerson
    03-18-2011 15:54
    the point is to find some gameplay one enjoys

    I just had a good/great time, first in years
    a few of us killed a miner pk er that had been killing us all day.. we finally won one.

    It was great game play, almost equal in a way.

    Used to be like that much of the time.

    getting good gear used to be easier and worth the time.. there were no + 12s etc.

    And gameplay was better.

    BIG...almost fair fights all the time on all the maps

    All the maps
  8. Doc.ackerson
    03-03-2011 09:03
    [B]When Conquer play had value[/B]

    Quests Removed
    9 old quests will be removed: Coach Li, Deliver The Murderer`s Drugs, The Stolen Army Token, The Heresy Snakeman, The Water Ring, Peace Jade, Save the Villagers, Stone Spirit, Moon Gem.

  9. Doc.ackerson
    03-03-2011 08:55
    TQ removed some old quests.. my post in [url][/url]

    [B]When Conquer play had value[/B]

    So sad they removed these quests. They were a reminder of how good the game once was. One actually liked playing the game and some of these prizes were ok. People asking about quests, like asking where is the general on PC map "Save the Villagers" quest ... not begging for enlightenment.

    The quests were a part of the game. The game was really hard levelling, and even a refined item had value. The gameplay on maps with monsters had value. Each player was of value. The game had value. The game had integrity.

    The game now is mostly spend real money and play tournaments.

    These quests were a reminder of when Conquer was a greater game, and could have been the among the greatest ever.

    When Conquer play had value.

    Hi Craneses, good choice to be gone. : )
  10. Craneses
    02-20-2011 04:04
    HEY DOC! What's up?


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