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    the name is freakin Dante!!! dam it!! Dan...Te!! get it?!!?!?! u pronounce Dan... Te!! not Dant... not Tent!!! it's Dante!!!
    Originally posted by Shinu
    the mistake they made was not closing this thread. those stupid ****ing *****s have no problem making up new **** for people to waste DB's on, but we dont need a server split, oh **** no. we just have to sit and wait for 30 ****ing minutes trying to log into our FULL GOD DAMN SERVER. thanks alot FChen you worthless piece of ****, thanks alot for that new physical server you gave us. it sure was a big pile of useless ****, but thanks. now how about you do us a favor for a change, give us a ****ing split. you know, because we're only the LAST POSSIBLE CANDIDATES FOR SPLITTING IN THE WILD KINGDOM GROUP. maybe in 10 ****ing years we'll get our second split like Dragon HAS ALREADY GOTTEN WHERE WE HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN THE ONE YET. but i doubt it, no, now they'll move on to splitting the newest ****ing group of servers. you know, the servers that are split-offs of the original servers. you know, kylin being one of the original servers... oh wait, kylin didn't get split yet, did it? oh yeah, that's right, some stupid ****ing ***** said our overly full server didn't have enough people on it to split. that's right, now i remember. maybe his slanted eyes couldn't see the massive quanities of people that inhabit our ****ty server.
    Originally posted by ForumTroll
    wow look at that shinu's msg ...another guy who needs anger management...i guess lil boy didnt get what he wanted and hes hahah
    Trojan! = Trojan --> watertao (reborned at 130)
    GravE = lvl 130 archer
    ~Eagle~ = Trojan --> Trojan (reborned at lvl 127) (sold)


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