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  1. New_Indie_Dave
    02-18-2011 06:23
    Do you still keep in touch with anyone from CO? i think its crazy how i spent like, 4 years talking to the same people nearly every day and as soon as i quit i never hear from any of them again lol, only in touch with a few people now,
  2. ~Darsh~
    02-16-2011 09:11
    me? yeah i do lol
  3. New_Indie_Dave
    02-16-2011 05:40
    do you got facebook nub?
  4. ~Darsh~
    02-11-2011 14:27
    hmm im level 21 and I have no idea what I'm doing lol
  5. ~Darsh~
    02-11-2011 07:45
    I'll look at it, do you still play?
  6. New_Indie_Dave
    02-04-2011 00:57
    is your PC a good one? how long have you had it? and how much was it? cos ive seen vids of Aion and the graphics look great, then on my PC they look **** lmao.. anyway my warrior is called Shinjiitso (cos my wonnabe wanger was Shinjitso so i just added an extra I in hopes it would be pronounced like an angry Japanese dude would say it. umm anyway.. .. messaging through here is slow etc... so feckin email me bish we need to have a propper catch up [email]Shinjitso@live.co.uk[/email] oh and it leveled me to level 20 lol, but it takesmehalf an hour to walk 100 metres through the lag..and i cant watch any of the cut scenes.. but it does look like it could be a rly rly good game, with all the story and cut scenes etc, after i get a car i may get a good pc
  7. New_Indie_Dave
    02-04-2011 00:56
    Lol, i have NO IDEA what class is best?!?!?!?! so i started a new Character.. and i saw the Ascension quest... and i have a rough idea what that means in rl... so i kinda worked out that if i did that.. then MAYBE it would letme chose the specific class choice i want.. so i did it.. and low and behold.. it gave me the choice.. .. gosh im so clever xD but yeah, i chose Gladiator.. and umm .. .. .. .. On my PC the graphics are **** and the lag makes the game Unplayable.. so i dont think i can continue.. I am sure that the game is better than what ive seen, if only my pc could handle it..
  8. ~b|t3m33~
    02-02-2011 16:06
    Dave! you need to do the ascension quest to continue. it will automatically level you up to lvl 10 all you need to do is talk to ppl...anyway are you on? i'll talk to you on game i'm on now..hehe
  9. New_Indie_Dave
    02-02-2011 03:26
    Yeah ive played, got like, level 9 and it wouldnt level up anymore, maybe i need a promotion or something? and it wont let me use chain equipment or other weapons etc? says i need to learn the skills or something.. cant find where to get these skills? also, i cant find a bow anywhere even tho im a ranger.. and on my computer the graphics are **** and the game lags as well as the cut scenes, this is purely due to the fact my computer isnt good enough i think, how old is your computer? and how much was it? im not sure weather im gonna spend $1,000 on a new computer tower just to play this game, although if xbox doesnt get any better soon i may consider it, after i buy my car

    email me bish,
  10. ~b|t3m33~
    01-31-2011 16:48
    Dave, I think you gotta download the real Aion game first @ [url]http://www.ncsoft.com/en/launcher/ncsoft-launcher.html[/url] to be able to play the private server -->>> Gamezaion.com. I like it because the real aion you have to pay lol but this one u dont! Omg I'm so excited! Let me know when you get the chance to play it. I don't log on msn anymore, i totally forgot my username and pw and when I tried to retrieve it I forgot all the secret password I put in before when i made it. Anyways I'll keep in touch here or I got your email, i'll email you later with my new email. take care dave! miss ya!

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