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    Originally posted by Qualiso [A]
    Seriously who is behind this? A lying child. You take no measures to protect players. Oh dont drop items in the air.. BECAUSE we have no way of knowing if thats what you did. Your bot system is flawed, your game is flawed, and your execution is flawed. No one understands your measures because its not that.. its greed.. your push tactics to FORCE players to buy DBs. The Bot System is a fraud. It cant detect people botting because the bots are doing the same thing every other player does. Its never caught a mine botter in action, only a person using the program AFTER a major patch.. which comes about once a year and thats only because they reconfigure things so it sends a new packet and the old packet is logged to ban. Be honest, seriously.. let me rephrase your statements for that entire post. If your sent to Bot Jail buy DBs to get out. We dont care how or why you got there, its a bad deal. But it HAS to happen to someone because well, we dont know why it just works and we dont have to justify why. So if you get sent to Bot Jail for some reason or other, email imthemostflawedlyexecutedgameeverbesidesearthandbe yond@clueless.asdf? and buy DBs and we will let you out. -Sincerely (not really we just feel obligated to say this because well we read it on other mmorpg game sites) CO Mafia


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