View Full Version : Buying +1 items and selling +3,+4,+5 items

04-11-2015, 07:56
im buyung:
+1 items of any class, level and state (broken)
normal only, no Refined, Unique or Elite.
100k or 1 CPs (no offers)

I'm selling: +3, +4, +5 items
*1-handed and archer items i keep to myself so dont ask.
+3 for 1.1m - 1.3m
+4 for 3.5m - 3.9m
+5 for 9.5m - 11m

for trade with money+items for my +3,+4,+5 items, I accept:
DBs as 4m items
ref Gems as 100k items
glory/thunder as 100k items
+1 stone as 200k item
+1 stone pack as 1m item
no other items accepted for trade :)

my char: 1rufio1 is the most up online so contact through him