View Full Version : GM even working?

05-13-2011, 20:35
03-01-2011 13:28
by Evelyin

Almost 3 months and no gm to do anything about the botters? LAWL!

and this is why there should be US based GM Support :)
Heck, i'll apply for the job!

05-15-2011, 21:26
You should know that the Gms dont care about anyone unless your a EGY bulker like Razor they can get away with hacking and scamming i mean come on look what they did to me. So unless you can become Egy and speak Egy you will get no help what so ever Gms only care about one thing and one thing only on Co and thats Money they dont bother to fix what is broken they just want to add more crap and Not help loyal honest players. It took me along time to realize that CO is a waste of time thats why i quit and sold my gear to someone who will have fun with it.