View Full Version : Tq Lowerprice Of Dbs

11-23-2008, 03:53
TQ is lucky we still play this game ....

this game was released in 2003....we are approaching 2009....

i started in 2006 and have been paying 15.99 us dollars for every 5 pack.

how much is Madden 2004(released on augest of 2003) worth????

about 1-1.50 us dollars if its sealed in mint condition.....

why aren't more people complaining about the high cost of dbs????

i say the price of dbs should get cut in 1/2....50% off from now on.
no more bulk purchase available *additional 15% off would be suicide for TQ*
it would definitely get more people to buy dbs and give some a chance to compete with the bulkers.