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10-28-2008, 14:40
Thought i'd throw a shoutout to a great gaming server if anyone is bored lol.

ROForever FREE Ragnarok Online Server!!! (ROForever Home Page (http://www.roforever.com)) & (Installation Guide (http://roforever.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=6158&view=findpost&p=59573) <--go get downloading!)

Ragnarok Online Forever is an anime-based Fantasy MMORPG that is based on Norse Myth and
Legends and inspired by the Korean Comic Book of the same name. The game is absolutely huge in
scale with constant adventuring day and night (literally!):

**39 Different Job Classes (Wizard, Knight, Archer, Ninja, Monk, Gunslinger and many many

**Incredible Card System (combine cards on weapons, armor and accessories to become even more

**Guild System (want to be part of a family or armor, join a guild!, or make your own and hold
your own castle against the enemy!)

**HUGE World to explore and have constant adventures on!! (more than 100 different maps, 20+
different towns each with their own regions to explore!, the adventure LITERALLY never ends!)

** Cute Pet System (want your own pet to help out? Hunt for pet tames and tame one!, each pet
also has the ability to become loyal and help you fight and gather a bit of items, so careful
not to let them run away!)

**Quests (TONS of quest are within this game, need something to do? Something to challenge
yourself with? Then speak to one of the hundreds of quest NPC's to get yourself started and
gain epic items and experience!) and much MUCH more!

This game is an adventure RPG of the greatest kind. TONS of ways to become strong and grow your
character into the perfect character of your imagination! Not really good at making friends? No
problem, there are many in the server willing to help out and start a new friendship, need a
party to help with training fighting? Post on the forums and you'll be sure to find others who
want the same :). The adventure really never, ever ends with ROForever and this is but one of
the so many reasons we're asking YOU, the player, to come and join us. Here is hoping you'll
stay forever and ever and best of all, its FREE to play!

Server Rates: (We're currently in works to increase our rates from x4 to x7)
7x/7x/Custom --->(this basically means that the item drop rate, base exp & job exp rate are 7
times the regular"International Ragnarok Online" drops from monsters and other
drops like non-usable items have different or various rates,which is why its
"custom", which is 1x. So ROForever's drops are 4x more than 'International
Ragnarok Online/iRO's'drops which is a GOOD thing lol.)

War of Emperium/Guild Wars Times:
Wednesdays & Saturdays: 7pm ~ 9pm (eastern).

Server Features:
.:: Why Play at RoForever? ::.
-We have a powerful server with NO fear of wipes, constant botting, crashes, etc. This server
is up to par with the best. The GMs are constantly checking the server to maintain its
electronic integrity, and we are always keeping our standards at ROF with those of kRO. There
is also minimal lag, even on 56K modem connections.

-Unlike other servers we have all the latest kRO updates, such as transcendent classes,
marriages, the newest job classes (Taekwon, Ninja, and Gunslinger) and cities (Lighthalzen,
Hugel, and Rachel), babies/adoptions, all skills, and working friendsí lists.

-RoForever is run by friendly, kind, honest, patient, dedicated GMs. While they are strong
believers in justice, they are also extremely approachable and easy to talk to. They are all
experienced in the world of private servers and have seen the mistakes other servers have made
in the past, and are dead-set on avoiding those pitfalls.

-If you decide to donate, you can rest assured that your money goes towards what it was
intended to--to help maintain and improve upon the server. There is a bounty of evidence to
prove this available at your request.

-The community is friendly, mature, knowledgeable, and helpful. A large majority of players go
out of their way to help out new members, so you'll feel right at home when you start playing.

-Accessible to all members is an extraordinary Control Panel that allows all members to see
what guilds are active on the server, the castles taken during WoE, who is playing on the
server at the moment, the levels of those players, how many of each class there are, and much

-The server has an amazing battle system with monsters that level when they kill players and
have advanced AI so that they work better together. The newest dungeons and MVPs require
strategy and teamwork to take down; they cannot be taken on alone. This provides continued
excitement for players of all levels, even those who have reached the maximum level cap.

-The server has a higher-than-normal level cap, which allows players to more finely customize
their characters

-The server has individual touches such as:

* GM's who LISTEN to YOU!, the PLAYER! and carefully consider suggestions, etc!
* New dungeons such as waterfall dungeon
* Offline Vending
* Beautifully redesigned Prontera/Izlude map
* Mail System
* Same-Sex Marriages
* "Night" and "Day" modes
* Custom Headgears and Wings

http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc112/Artlogic ROForever%20Private%20Server/pic.jpg http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc112/Artlogic/ROForever%20Private%20Server/angeldevil.jpg

* Customized Spell Circles and Level 99 Auras
* Customized Weaponry (sephiroth's Sword the Masamune, Sora's Kingdom Blade and much more!)


* Many custom monsters to go along with the new maps
* Non-Donator WoE and PvP (we understand that people cannot financially contribute and thus
seek to make it fair and square, period! We also have items that CANNOT be donated for!)
* Voice Command Warping/Healing System! - Say certain things such as "go pay dun" bam!
you're at Payon Dungeon! or "heal all" and you're healed full!

-The server also has several Custom NPCs for the ease of the players:

* Healer: Heals all your HP and SP. No more sitting around waiting to recharge!
* Reset Girl: If you make a mistake with your stats and skills, she can help you fix it.
* Time Keeper: Lets you know what time it is on the server.
* Stylist: With over 200 hair colors and 77 outfit colors to choose from, you're sure to
find something you like.
* Warp Agent: No more walking to get where you need to go! Now you can travel to far-off
lands in a flash.
* Job Master: If you find the job quests tedious, just change jobs with him.
* Red Potion Trader: If you give her items, she'll give you healing items.
* Grape Seller: Buy SP/MP-restoring items.
* And many more with some special event npcs to come such as CTF (Capture-The-Flag),an
Auction House, Custom Market/ending Area and much more, so please give us a try and come
join in on an UNBELIEVABLY epic adventure!!!