View Full Version : Selling all my gear on Sunshine server! TOP NOTCH SHIZZ!

09-28-2008, 15:45
Ok so im selling EVERYTHING! heres a list:

1) 2x L130 blades Sup+12 2xSDG -5 bless 1 with 242 HP enchant 1 with 109 HP enchant.
2) L112 earrings Sup+12 2xSDG -5 bless with 226 HP enchant.
3) L120 Tro armor Sup+8 2xSDG -7 bless with 204 HP enchant.
4) L127 Dex ring Sup+8 2xSDG -5 bless with 217 HP enchant.
5) L120 Tao cap Sup+8 2xSTG with 205 HP enchant.
6) L130 Poleaxe Sup+8 2xSTG with 78 HP enchant.
7) L126 Att ring Sup+7 2xSDG -7 bless with 235 HP enchant.
8) L130 Necky Sup+7 2xSDG -7 bless with 214 HP enchant.
9) L129 boots Sup+7 2xSTG -7 bless with 211 HP enchant.
10) L120 Robe Sup+6 2xSTG -5 bless with 145 HP enchant.
11) L120 Necky Sup+6 2xSDG -5 bless with 210 HP enchant.
12) L120 boots Sup+5 2xSDG -5 bless with 244 HP enchant.
13) L130 Club Sup+5 2xSDG with 53 HP enchant.
14) 2xMiraculous gourds
15) various assortment of garments. make request, i have most and multiples of many.
16) assortment of +stones 1-3 and packs.
17) Star sword
18) Clean waters
19) Elite+6 dex ring, normal+5 dex ring and normal+3 dex ring

and last but not least a new years cap (EXTREAMELY RARE). no clue on price but i prolly wont part with it easy if at all.

you can whisper my chars online (mostly afk) pm me here, or get details on msn (pm me for my email).