View Full Version : Selling all my gear on Sunshine server! TOP NOTCH SHIZZ!

09-28-2008, 15:31
Ok so im selling EVERYTHING! heres a list:

1) 2x L130 blades Sup+12 2xSDG -5 bless 1 with 242 HP enchant 1 with 109 HP enchant.
2) L112 earrings Sup+12 2xSDG -5 bless with 226 HP enchant.
3) L120 Tro armor Sup+8 2xSDG -7 bless with 204 HP enchant.
4) L127 Dex ring Sup+8 2xSDG -5 bless with 217 HP enchant.
5) L120 Tao cap Sup+8 2xSTG with 205 HP enchant.
6) L130 Poleaxe Sup+8 2xSTG with 78 HP enchant.
7) L126 Att ring Sup+7 2xSDG -7 bless with 235 HP enchant.
8) L130 Necky Sup+7 2xSDG -7 bless with 214 HP enchant.
9) L129 boots Sup+7 2xSTG -7 bless with 211 HP enchant.
10) L120 Robe Sup+6 2xSTG -5 bless with 145 HP enchant.
11) L120 Necky Sup+6 2xSDG -5 bless with 210 HP enchant.
12) L120 boots Sup+5 2xSDG -5 bless with 244 HP enchant.
13) L130 Club Sup+5 2xSDG with 53 HP enchant.
14) 2xMiraculous gourds
15) various assortment of garments. make request, i have most and multiples of many.
16) assortment of +stones 1-3 and packs.
17) Star sword
18) Clean waters
19) Elite+6 dex ring, normal+5 dex ring and normal+3 dex ring

and last but not least a new years cap (EXTREAMELY RARE). no clue on price but i prolly wont part with it easy if at all.

you can whisper my chars online (mostly afk) pm me here, or get details on msn (pm me for my email).

The ProArcher
09-29-2008, 19:36
u want to com to thunder or wat :confused::confused:

btw nice gears