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07-20-2008, 15:08
Buying a Miraculous Gourd (Bought w00t!), +5, +6, +7 stones


Super +4 SDG lvl 120 trojan armor
Super +4 lvl 15 tao cap
Super +4 lvl 97 coronet
Super +4 lvl 120 trojan armor
Super +4 lvl 120 coronet
Super +3 NRG RRG whip lvl 110

07-22-2008, 16:25
u do know +7 stones are worth a lot like 42 dbs each LOL

07-22-2008, 17:14
Yeah, it was shortly after posting this I read about the new + system that might be coming. Basically every + stone has a point value, and you can use any + stone on say a +6 ring to raise its points. When the ring reaches 6000 points, it goes up to +7... sounds pretty good to me anyway.

So even +1, +2 stones can be useful and used to +8 a +7 item :eek:

07-27-2008, 15:17
Or you can have a Super 2soc SDG/SDG poison blade, and use a +8 whip to transfer the points to the blade, and therefore, making it +8. (I think)

The new composition system will have everyone running around with +12s sooner or alter :(

07-27-2008, 16:23
Yeah, but it makes it fairer on people who have been playing for years to get the gear they have now, to get them +8 and up to +12.

+9 to +12 costs nothing compared to how much it would have cost to get something +7 say before + stones came out. Used to be 4 +1s per DB 18 months ago

Where as new people come along buy a few +8s, super and sock them and their one hitting people who have spent 10x as much money and effort getting their gear to +7 the hard way =\