View Full Version : New Domain for Conquer Online Official Forum

06-25-2008, 21:28
We are glad to announce that in order to provide better network service, we will use a new domain for our official forum: bbs.co.91.com from 01:00 PDT June 26th, 2008.

Before 01:00 PDT June 26th, 2008, Players will be able to visit our official forum by both bbs.co.91.com and bbs.conqueronline.com. After this time, players will only be able to visit the forum by bbs.co.91.com. The access to bbs.conqueronline.com will be redirect to bbs.co.91.com.

Note: The content of forum will remain unchanged. Players can still use the original website links and hyperlinks to access relevant sub-pages of the Conquer forum.