View Full Version : S/T>Super 2soc tao items

02-25-2008, 16:44

-Super Bag, +5, 2soc, Blessed -3, SPG/SPG
-Super Brace, +4, SPG SPG
-Super Boots, +5, SDG SDG
-Super Cap, +5, ref moon/ref moon, blessed -1
-Super Robe, +5, blessed -1, SPG/SPG
-Super healing Backsword, +6, blessed -1, SPG/SPG

Will accept trades involving 2soc neck/ring/psn blade/DBS

Im not really active on conquer anymore due to my university, so if you're interested in any of the items send me an email on Laurence_hs@hotmail.com and ill reply as soon as I can