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02-22-2008, 09:13
I have this boss who has a volcano liked hair. Every morning, you'll see flashes of lighning dashing around and you'll hear thunder "OUT ! YOU'RE FIRED ! WHAT IS THIS? REDO THE WHOLE THING NOW ! I WANT A BRAND NEW PROPOSAL ON MY TABLE BY TODAY !"

Many people always try to say some positive things as if the cold blizzard (reality) that we live in will ever allow sun to shine. I seriously doubt their kind wishes will come through notwithstanding, I hope a meteor will drop on this sad Earth experiencing tornado destorying all the wonderful snows we have duuring and snowstorms ...

Nature ... Non-variable Nature ... Does life changes?

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The brain!()
04-15-2008, 17:24
lol a community slogan/poem,its nice.