View Full Version : S>Low lvl 2-Sockets @Nado Server

01-16-2008, 01:11
Hi all ..
Im Quitting and Selling all my items so if some one was intrested Whisper Me on Tan0o @nadoo server or Pm Me Here..

Items are :
Super +7 [2]Socket -dmg 3 Ring 2SDG L10 HP:105
Super +6 [2]Socket Earing -dmg 3 2SDG L15 HP:154
Super +6 [2]Socket Neck -dmg 3 2SDG L17 HP:99
Super +5 [2]Socket Earing 2SDG L15 HP:130
Super +8 [2]Socket Blade 2SDG L15 HP:155
Super +6 [2]Socket Club -dmg 5 2RRG L15
Super +5 [2]Socket Bow 2SDG L20

PS: Only Intrested People may Pm me and whisper me in game ,otherwise rest in peace..

01-16-2008, 04:22
why u posting here? lol

01-16-2008, 04:30
why u posting here? lol

well been posting among nature servers incase some one got friends over there or intrested to move over there ^^,