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01-15-2008, 01:13
Im guessing your all here to HEAR about my mastermind plan to getting your server merged its not 100% accurate that your server will be chosen but it is worth a try.

Aquarius server is looking for server to merge with.
Meaning to servers combine population to create 1 sever.

To help your chances of merging with Aquarius.

Click Here (http://bbs.conqueronline.com/showthread.php?t=459512)

01-15-2008, 18:19
Read forums of silenc3/kingofkings,Neaestra/OppressioN and ~*Avastar*~. Also create a character there and watch their characters and what others say about them. YOU DO NOT WANT THESE PEOPLE ON YOUR SERVER!!!!! Do not ruin your server in that way. If you like to play on a server where the intention is to make your playing as miserable as possible, Aquarius is for you. Lots of scamming, silenc3/kingofkings(the creator of the pole thead one of the worst, and he most likely wants new people to scam because the people already on the server know he scams) botters and any form of cheats abound on Aquarius. There are people there whose only agendaa is to make the playing experience of others miserable. The constantly flame on broadcast, message board and forums. They accuse EVERYONE they do not like of botting, they try to have EVERYONE they dont like banned. If they do not like you, they pk not only you, but any guild you are a member of, any of your friends and your spouse. They kos you and tell you that you must pay them items to get off kos. They have made death threats. They have traced players to their homes, and threatened to go to the persons home and kill them. I do not wish that anyone suffer through the mess of a server known as Aquarius. Please do a lot of research before you merge with Aquarius!!!!!!