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01-14-2008, 14:16
Excepting trades of cash, dbs, +6 stones, and +8 bs's:

Eli +3 LvL 17 SRG bag 100HP --- 350kk
Norm +3 LvL 10 SRG Att Ring 59HP ---SOLD
Norm +2 LvL 15 RDG Ears 59HP ---SOLD
Uni LvL 15 SRG Tao Robe ---SOLD
Norm LvL 10 SRG Boots 40HP ---SOLD
Eli LvL 63 No Gem Dex Ring -SOLD

Selling these on RoTaNaToR - you can find him in the market. I've giving up on rbing waters in TG - too time consuming. I play CO at work so if you need to reach me fast whisper me on RoTaN. Prices are as is; I'm not excepting trades other then what I specified above ;)

Oh and still buying + BS's!!

01-14-2008, 14:17
No offers on the bag - taking 10 DBs