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01-01-2008, 13:30
Warning: About account issues, please only submit "true" case through this page and only submit your case once. If you submit falsified cases, your account may be banned. If you share accounts with others or use an account that was given/traded to you by other players, we will NOT be able to process your case. All correspondence related to your account will be done through the registered Email address of the account. If you can not provide the correct registered Email address or can not communicate with us through the registered Email address, your case will NOT be processed.

Please note that you are ultimately responsible for the safety of your own account. Please use a long password to protect your account, never share your account/items with anyone else, never visit any suspicious websites or use any hack programs or bots, and make sure you frequently scan your computer to remove any virus or key loggers.

*Note* this is at the top of the page when you click offline support now....and you have to file a case instead of emailing**

I'm just wondering if this means that even if you have full info to a character that was given to you, you cant get any help with it.....cause my warrior that was given to me was botjailed for no reason and I dont wanna get banned for emailing them asking for help/why and stuff ;(

01-01-2008, 17:59
both you and me have so many hack cases, that they wont even bother. trust me. out of the FIVE hack cases over August/September/October ive filed. GMs only gave me ONE reply...three days ago...and it was for the char I was LEAST likely to use (fubar)