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12-18-2007, 15:49
Thank you for all those that have offered to help with Bot/Cheat videos. Unfortunately I can't have everyone help out and very sorry for those that weren't picked. Hopefully in the future if there is more help needed those players that offered help will be contacted.

Those players name that are on this list would need to email me: opalgm@gmail.com with their new forum name. Please include in the email:

Current Forum Name:
Character Name/Server:
New Forum Name for Bot Reviewing:Vidster ( your name )

Once added to the new Forum group I will reply to you what Group you will be handling. You then will be able to login and help review videos.

If I don't get your email within 48 hours then your name will be removed off this list.

Group: Forum Name: Character Name: Server:
Group: Forum Name: Character Name: Server:

Group One Wild Kingdom PrincessMandie! /**princess** /Eagle
Group One Wild Kingdom w00t /w00t /Eagle
Group One - Wild Kingdom Mandies /Mandies /Tiger
Group One - Wild Kingdom Mike5 /Mike5 /Eagle

Group Two Gem World lolen /Haze~ /Diamond
Group Two Gem World Janix /~Chase- /Diamond
Group Two Gem World brolly000060 /brolly000060 /Ruby
Group Two Gem World nordrian /RoBo /Turquoise
Nordrian /Saggitarius

Group Three Dream executioner07 /xen` /Faith
Group Three Dream trigeki /Trigeki /Dream
Group Three Dream ???TheEnigma??? /HeLLAngeL /Glory
Group Three Dream Royalite /Royalite /Eternity

Group Four Nature WinterSkye /now~*~Fire /Tornado
Group Four Nature DarkRage /arkRage /Lightning
Group Four Nature Kishare /Mouz /Sunshine
Group Four Nature Titus_Dotel /Titus_Dotel /SnowFall
Group Four Nature Ithil /Ithil /Blizzard

Group Five Galaxy Trojan-Mama /Trojan-Mama /Pluto
Group Five Galaxy SoOpahGurl /SoOpahGurl /Pluto
Group Five Galaxy Asp /~*Asp*~ /upiter
Group Five Galaxy Vlax /omanhallen /Mercury
Group Five Galaxy Avatat_Roku /Avatat_Roku /Saturn

Group Six Wonders Me > Mods /Beazil /GreatWall
Group Six Wonders HTAPAWASOv2.0 /BlueBerry /GreatWall
Group Six Wonders Anexea /Liquid /Mausoleum
Group Six Wonders SioKanla /2h_Soldier /Pharos
Group Six Wonders KaoKen1 /KaoKen /TempleArtemis
Group Six Wonders Varbias /Shadrach /TempleArtemis

Group Eight Constellations LetoKynes /CoLetoKynes /Aries
Group Eight Constellations trunks006 /Taggerung /Aries
Group Eight Constellations Orenda /Orenda /Gemini
Group Eight Constellations buddhaorvishnu /ursa_major /Pisces
Group Eight Constellations Fullmetal666 /ullmetal666 /Cancer

Group Nine FairyTales rangerlater /rangerlater /Frogprince
Group Nine FairyTales Staciedoll /Staciedoll /BeautyandBeast
Group Nine FairyTales Bitmap /Bitmap /SnowWhite
Group Nine - FairyTales Sinix /Craft /WildSwan
Group Nine FairyTales justinwho /Justinwho /Cinderella
Group Nine FairyTales .:Starlight:. /Unholy_Priest /Cinderella

Group Seven Celebrities WarNub~ /-Kayla- /Hebby
Group Seven Celebrities Cadence /Yannick /Arbiter
Group Ten Myths badkitti /~FaithHealer22~ /Unicorn
Group Ten Myths Katayo /Katayo /Unicorn
Group Ten Myths Aisling /DreamWeaver /Basilisk

Thank you for all your help.