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12-01-2007, 17:21
Alright as you people of the Gemini server knows, starting from Dragon to Blizzard, I am kja1224(water tao) and High^Flyer101(archer). I had come back from, lets just say retirement for this game and quickly began what i started, lvling, working hard, helping people out in GW with my water and so on and so forth.

According to the title of this thread, "I QUIT", I will unfortunately be leaving this game and the friendships I have built through the months I've been play although they will last forever. There is of course a reason for everything, and damn do I have a few of them. First of all, the software, being Conquer has been actually damaging my computer by making it crash at certain times which unfortunately is not good. Second of all is that I am still in school, high school to be exact, grade 9! Of course people say "Oh schools are for fools", but your education is very important in life and will open many doors for the future. Also within my school, I have made my school baseball team where I hope I will be noticed and will give me an opportunity to head to the Major Leagues in a couple years time. Lastly, there is also one more reason. That is of course cheaters and people who take this wonderful online game wayyyy too seriously. These people really do need to calm down and STOP this botting business because it ruins the game and upsets many players who enjoy the game for fun.

Before I would like to end the thread there were people/guilds I obviously would like to thank on my behalf. (LOL before I start i'm sorry if i'm taking up your time.) Ok first I would like to thank my present guild ~Journey~ who is led by Nyte~o~Darkness, sorry if i haven't added the little details in your game name Steph lol. But yeah I thank ~Journey~ for always being there for me when I needed the help, from pking to ksing etc. I wish ~Journey~ the best of luck in future endeavours. I also forgot our allies, who I had fun interacting with, so I give them the best of luck too. Secondly I would like to thank DuridQ, WickedOne and Drory and other people I perhaps have forgotten, for everything, you guys were very close to me and you were with me right from the beginning every since Arch^Angels. Thanks for everything wish you all the best :P. I would also like to include a thanks for Anti-Mage, Youzy, FreakyStylie who of course were always on my side for guild war before kja1224 had good gear, you guys were chills and yeah good luck with future guild wars. Special thanks to the enemy guilds me and my guilds (Ex. EliteSquad, P.M.S etc) had big feuds with, you made gw cool, giving me challenges and obstacles that I had to overcome.

So yeah I guess this is the end of my journey here in Conquer Online. I promise you all, I will come visit on some special occasions just won't tell you when :rolleyes: But yeah I really still wanna keep in contact with all my friends. So yeah... Peace Ezz all. Let's keep in touch all! Good luck and have fun!

kja1224 and High^Flyer101
Name: Ken, 13
Email: k_abes [dot] 24 [at] rogers [dot] com
Peace Ezz..

12-01-2007, 17:27
Hey there my litlle watery apprentice, i wish you all the best of luck with college and the baseball thing you got going there, hope to see your name in the major league some day and be able to say, I PLAYED WITH THAT GUY, just a different game ;)

Just so you know, putting your e-mail address like that on a public forum aint smart, you might want to change it to:
k_abes [dot] 24 [at] rogers [dot] com

12-01-2007, 18:00
:) You have the e-mail Ken == Keep in touch and GL with baseball :D

Gotta say it's sure great to see a "younun" with his head on straight!

I'll miss you!:D

12-01-2007, 18:11
Awww, sorry to see you leaving, best of luck Ken, you are the best!, thanks for the laughs, keep in touch!

12-02-2007, 03:25
Good luck with college and baseball. Cya later ;)

12-02-2007, 04:16
Goodluck and log in to gw sometime
youre always fun to chat with :P

Wonder why firetama said goodluck on basketball :rolleyes: