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Random Ronny
And the
Chronicles of
The Unforgotten Realms

After indulging, on the chocolaty chocyness of The Yummy Yummington
Ronny was now sugar high. He was running around his new banana Sunday boat house looking for something to do then all of a sudden Cling Clang Clon there was a magical stone with words on it. Ronny thought it was a limy chimy changy mini multi coloured hot crossed funny fried foolish fish with a lollypop in it’s mouth but it was a stone saying eat me to go to The Unforgotten Realms! “Wait what who said that?” asked Ronny curiously “Errrrrr no one said that nop no one” “Oh ok” replied Ronny in a calm voice.

Then POOF PING PONG Ronny was somewhere he had never been before….. like the shower, then out of somewhere someone approached Ronny. Ronny asked the strange person “What’s your name?” asked Ronny the strangest of the strangest stranger replied “I’m Sir Scchmoopy of Awesomty and you are?” “Ronny… Random Ronny”. How did u get here Mr. Ronny?” asked Sir Scchmoopy. “I ate something that I thought was a limy chimy changy mini multi coloured hot crossed funny fried foolish fish with a lollypop in it’s mouth how did you get here?” Ronny answered slowly so he could understand what he was saying to Sir Scchmoopy. “So how did you get here?” “Oh I just sat on a pretty pinky purple people pony thingy maboby ching chon chatter box mania maniacical monical shell which was actually a teleportation device which was cleverly disguised as a pair of Super sour super sweet yummy dummy socks” Scchmoopy replied. “Hmmm and how does a huge chocolate gun fit into this large chocolate box of a story?” asked Ronny. “What huge chocolate gun?” replied Sir Scchmoopy “The one that’s floating behind you” “Oh snap it’s it’s it’s covered in sprinkles my favourite” “Shotgun eating it” “Oh be quite its mine to yummafie all it needs is some fudge cheese, relish, beetroot, fish fingers and last but not least in a huge quantity of anchovies plus it’s a Zellar H advanced sniper rifle not a shotgun not that you would understand what that is”. “YUMMY and what????” said Ronny.

After the floating chocolate gun of Sour explainded they only wanted to know where the new Slim Shady concert the gun could speak perfect English so Sir Scchoopy explained that the Slim Shady concert was down the road but Ronny was also there going "Sir Scchmoopy are you hungry are you are you cold Sir Scchmoopy do u want a hotdog and a blanket? "NO Ronny and if you put mustard in my bed again i'll totally throw you off a cliff!!! yelled Sir Scchmoopy. After Ronny pulled himself back up a really big cliff and saying "You like me" then all of a sugaristic second Ronny spotted some KFC so he yelled "CHICKEN!!" "Am not" replied Sir Scchmoopy "No KFC CHICKEN" replied Ronny. "One thing first" said Sir Scchmoopy "What’s that?" asked Ronny "Shotgun" yelled Sir Scchmoopy "Don’t be silly its not a shotgun its Chicken!" replied Ronny. "Then what's that aiming at your head?" asked Sir Scchmoopy "OH SNAP oh its just some chocolate bunnies on a rock from the Chocolate Bunnies On a Rocket Factory that also sell super sour super sweet yummy dummy socks “replied Ronny "Did you just say chocolate bunnies on a rocket?" ask Sir Scchmoopy "Yea do you want that hotdog and a blanket now" replied Ronny "OH SNAP ME SIDE WAYS!!!!" but soon Sir Scchmoopy found out that it was just a shotgun and he just wanted to find his mate and didn't know where the Slim Shady concert was so once again he explained it was down the street but off course Ronny was there going "YO I'M THE REAL SLIM SHADY YES I'M THE REAL SLIM SHADY ALL YOU OTHER SLIM SHADYS ARE JUST IMATATING!!!". "Mr. Shotgun are you loaded?" asked Sir Scchmoopy. "Ummmmmm sorry???? replied Random Ronny.

"WAIT WHAT why didn't that kill you?" asked Sir Scchmoopy "I don’t know" replied Ronny "Oh YEA some people in The Unforgotten Realms get powers but only if the person is special but i'm just not special enough to have them mabye you are" said Sir Scchmoopy "Well i have been understanding you better than ever but since my name is Random Ronny mabye my powers are Random so my power today must be me being able to understand people" replied Ronny. "Your right you must be one of The Power People!" said Sir Scchmoopy "Your right it is time for a nice picnic" "Wait what???" "Yes off course they'll be cheese" "It's gonna be a long day". Three minutes later the day was over and Ronny only got thrown of a cliff 5 times which was a personal record last time it was seventy in five minutes yea what a birthday it was but today was special these 2 adventurers didn't know it yet but they were on a mission so special and secret no one in the whole galaxy knew what it was soo something…… then wow wings woz wiz a CALEMICL SMMECTRICLY FREAKY TIKKI MONSTER appeared right in front of our adventurers but Ronny just had to say "Oh what a sweet little puddy kit kat cat!" "Oh isn’t that nice he just tried to rip us in half" replied Sir Scchmoopy "Let's keep him please please please please!" "Ok what shall we call him though??" replied Sir Scchmoopy "Ummmmm it would have to be a sensible name soo what about Mr. Ching with the chong?" asked Ronny. "I like it it has a certain cling clang clonical musical magical mental monical to it well what agree we waiting for lets put a collar on him incase we lose him then if anyone finds him they could return him or something" replied Sir Scchmoopy "Ok ive got a collar with that name in my bag" said Ronny "Wait what oh dont worry I don’t even know why you do half the things you do" "Hold on let me just take the cotton buds out of my nose ok lets put it on him" said Ronny. "ROAR I WILL DEFEAT YOU AND EAT YOU like like KFC YES KFC!!" roared Mr. Ching with the chong "Oh whos a cute little kitty cat does the wittle puddy cat want some food yes he does yes he does" said Ronny "Yea you shall be my dinner then Sir Scchmoopy shall be my breakfast booohhhwwwaaaahhh " Yelled Mr. Ching with the chong "I'll go get you some dog food" replied Ronny. “Actually Ronny I think he has a booboo he has been going booohhhwwwaaaahhh for the past hour” “Nah he’s just a sasy classy gassy wittle old pudgy eating a bit of fudgy kit kat cat” replied Ronny while dashing to the pet shop store place.”Ok I got the dog food” said Ronny “Ummm Ronny that’s just a garbage with the words dog food dude written on it!” replied Sir Scchmoopy with his head in a bag of choco chocolate cheese which he got from the floating cupcake and cheessicle cheesecake shop now that’s something you only see on a Monday.

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Granted you're twelve yours old...but I came up with more creative things then that when I was younger.

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But, im the 'hater' so dont mind me. Keep goin'.

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Hi thanks for telling me what u think about my story if u havnt check out random ronnys first retarted aventure

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All The Alliteration....it Burns

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I wouldnt have time to type out all my "Short stories" diary that I kept when I was younger. I'd scan it but its at home.

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my stories are not short this ones gonna be as many pages as i can make it and still thanks for ur support (im gonna add to this story soon)

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If No One Votes On The Poll There Will Be No Random Ronny Storys Or I Could Come Up With Some New Storys But They'll Be Just As Retarted Though!!!!!!!

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Oh and i'm looking for a wife for my lvl75 water tao hes call liam

is this teh co personal ads :o

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Twenty years old...
College student...
Likes long walks on the beach...
Likes a nice night under the stars...

Erm, Nevermind.


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u always have been desperate digi :P nub!

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u always have been desperate digi :P nub!


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jaja dork

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I liked the story =x

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"If you like Pina Colada's .....
Takin walks in the rain .....:D

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Oh. >.>

Your who messege me in-game today. Didnt know. Hrhr.

Guess your hitting me up on my personal-ad?


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You're doing good Liam, how goes your fishing for the um...poisonous fish, or whatever, and did your mum like the sunglasses you found for her?