View Full Version : Randomly grabbing the chat slider

10-20-2007, 00:37
Pretty often, I have the problem of somehow "grabbing" the chat slider (no matter where my cursor is on the screen) and then it is nearly impossible to get it to let go. I can't move while it is holding it; if i use a hotkey it will stop temporarily but then it grabs it again as soon as I've clicked once. All other functions cease to work during that time (including the options button and the ok on the quit screen if you hit esc) the only way I've been able to remedy it is by terminating the CO process, but that gets annoying as often as it happens. It seems like it usually only starts if I've been clicking alot with the control key held down (such as while fast blading or cycloning). I'd like to find some way of fixing it, so if anyone has the same problem and has a simpler fix, let me know.